Returning to Training

After a two week stay in Poland I have many good memories left. I surely won’t forget my visits to Tomaszowie, Mazowieckie, Spale, Pisaczno, Warszawa, Torun and Biala Podlaska. Boxing fans can always count on my pictures with autographs. I have received many requests from my fans and I appreciate the support. I would like to thank everyone that I saw in Poland once again, I will never forget the warmth and sympathy I received from everyone. I would also like to thank the president of the International Police Association, Arkadiusz Skrzypczakow for giving me an honorary IPA member title. I would also like to dedicate a separate thanks to the organizer of all my meetings- my sponsor, Las Vegas Energy Drink. Now everything is behind me. Reality has returned. We contracted another fight for November 16th, 2013. My promoters have been speaking with a few different opponents. Recently, we signed a contract with Wiaczeslaw Glazkowy, a Ukrainian boxer who wants to make a good appearance in the heavyweight division. I know him from a few training sessions we had before the last gala. He is fast and hits very hard. He also has good leg movement and many more strong attributes which are all indispensable in the ring. This will surely be an even fight and his style of fighting guarantees for a good fight for fans. In the past couple of days a few boxers have expressed their interest in fighting with me in the nearest future. This has been heard in the media but these fights may occur within the upcoming year. Arreola, Tarver and the others will have to wait until next year. During this time we have to think if these fights make sense and what tv stations can be involved in viewing these fights. I have been saying this for a long time that without television viewing there isn’t any professional boxing. Viewing via television reaches millions of viewers and creates a huge audience for professional boxing.


On September 16th I will start intensive training with Tyler woodman as well as technical training with roger bloodworth. I train twice a day. In the mornings I lift, rest in the afternoons and then I'm in the ring. My health is good which is crucial in this sport. I'm not concerned with my weight just yet but I probably will lose a few pounds after all the training. This training should give me the same advantages that I had during the fight with Guinn.

As we can see in the photo below, Wiczeslaw Glazkow is of similar height and similar build to me. He’s sneaky like a cobra but he waits, it’s a different fight with him, not like the ones during our spars. I am not underestimating him because he quickly defeated his previous opponent by K.O. I will surely have to beware of his strong punches when I would least expect them. He will be very motivated because defeating me will secure him media attention and advancement in the sport world. I will do everything I can to prevent him from achieving his plan. 



Stay in Poland

On August 20th, 2013 I landed at the Krakow airport. I also noticed that my Polish passport will be soon expired. It will be right over the time of my next fight. Right after landing I put in my papers and I am waiting for my new passport. The early days are being spent by meeting with friends and family. Yesterday because I got to Warsaw on the 23rd. I had planned media meetings from the early morning. Very early in the morning I have a meeting with TVN24. 

 Later I took part in an interesting recording of an author program. "Janusz Pindera Invites You" on ORANGE TV. Janusz Pindera is documenting Andrzej Golota's accomplishments as well as mine and other boxers. It is a very interesting program about our accomplishments and scenarios, I'm sure boxing fans will love it. I invite everyone to watch it on TV ORANGE.



It will be on the Polish section International Police Association from 12pm-3pm. I met with policemen who provide protection everyday for  events, visits and even during catastrophic events. I have seen them work very often and it is not for the lazy or faint hearted. They have to be able to instantly react when people are aggressive or when people need help or are in fear for their lives. I will always gladly reminisce the meetings with them and our conversations. During my stay the IPA president in Poland, Arkadiusz Skrzypczak gave me an honorary certificate and plaque. This made me happy because I identify myself with IPA and its associates. I was also invited to show policemen a classic training session- a fight with a shadow to show movement around the ring.  It was a good time when I imitated a fight with the policemen. At the end I gave out autographs and posed for photos with the policemen.



I want to thank Dariusz Dzialo for making the meeting possible. 


A very important meeting to me was with the main commander of the general police, Mark Dzialoszynski. In Poland, everyday there are at least 15000 different interventions from the Police. This number shows that the Polish police have a lot of work. We don't think about what this looks like from the other side. We remember to pick up the phone and call the police when we are in danger. We forget that they count on us from day to day for different things. Without the support of the community and without the help of the police many people would not be helped and things that we don't think about would not be taken care of. I have family in the police force and I understand the police climate. Now I will be working on helping the police in Poland and the U.S. It would be great if the police received the proper respect they deserve which has been accomplished in the U.S. and other countries. In those countries, people know that they can count on the police but also that the police can count on the people to fulfill their duties as well. We have to remember that all kids that are being brought up the wrong way by their parents, schools or the environment later are reprimanded by the police. It would be better if the people bringing up the kids would steer them towards more active sports that would keep them away from dangers. The the police would have more time to focus on actual criminal activity.  In the evening I had a meeting with boxing fans which was organized by my promoter Las Vegas Energy Drink. It took place at the brewery WARKA. Links- 

 http://www.piwiarniawilcza.pl/   and  http://lasvegasdrink.pl/




There were photos, conversations and also contests. This is not the end when it comes to meeting with the fans. On Sunday at the CARSKA WIEZA restaurant in Spale we planned another meeting. I'm going to try to cook Polish macaroni for the fans. There will be time to talk and for autographs and pictures. link-



Rebirth of the Mountaineer


As I said about the fight with Dominick Guinn, it would bring me to my rebirth. With Roger Bloodworth's persuasion I gave myself a long rest from boxing. He knows me very well and we even created a friendship over the long years of boxing and he noticed that the frequent fights were wearing on me. He recommended a longer break that will allow for physical and psychological healing. How did I end up fighting? Most media noticed my fast punches and the speed in my footwork in the ring. I did not suffer from Dominick's hits. I recognized his tactic and expected his every move in the ring throughout all of the rounds. I am not very impressed with myself but I am glad that I am back to a fighting style that can satisfy. I also looked a little better with the background of a slightly weaker fighting Chambers. As usual, my fans played a huge role in my win. They showed up to the casino and supported me and showed how true fans stand behind their idol. Thanks to everyone for the support and for taking part in my return to the ring. Also thanks to NBC Sports Network and Polsat, millions of boxing fans watched the fight. The statistics of given punches are shown throughout the media. I am shown favorably in the statistics but I know that there are harder fights coming up. At the end of the year I will have a fight with a fighter that is of higher rank. There are some names being thrown around but I don't like to voice my opinion during the preliminary stages. Now it's time for a short break and a trip to Poland. After August 20th I will land in Krakow and on the 23rd I will be in Warsaw. I have some interesting meetings with boxing fans planned for the trip. But right now I am getting ready for our family pilgrimage to Polska Czestochowa. I am going to thank for the win and to pray for health for my entire family. Once there is health, that's when I can accomplish other life goals. Thank you all for the letters, your posts on the website and your invites to different parties. I will attend whenever it is possible.



Return to the Ring (August 3rd)

I have finished a long training period after being away from the ring for a few months. I feel refreshed and ready to be back in the ring again. After many tribulations we have finally found someone to be my opponent on August 3rd. Dominick Alexander Guinn, with whom I have sparred with many times before, will be stepping into the ring with me. 

Before my fight with Arreola I trained for a few weeks with Ronni Shields. Dominick Guinn was one of my sparring partners. Tall, built well and a strong boxer. His defense is very strong. It is hard to hit him with a clean, strong hit because he knows how to protect himself. He has never lost by a K.O. in his whole career.



He hasn't fought in a year. He has always been in light training and he is ready to accept and attractive offer for a fight. Tomorrow, August 1st I am going to Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut. 

 Here is the link- 


In the afternoon at the casino there is a conference planned for all of the boxers that will be fighting on August 3rd. I will be in the ring at 10:00pm Eastern U.S. time. In Poland that will be August 4th at 4:00am. The tickets for the fight sold quite quickly which shows that all the boxers will have a fan base present. The link for the program- 


In the U.S. the fight will be shown on NBC Sports Network. In Poland the fight will be shown on POLSAT. I know that many of my fans will be at the fight in the U.S. I can tell from the conversations and the letters that people can't wait to see me fight again. People expect an effective fight from me, which might be difficult given Guinn's fighting style. I will do everything I can to show my superiority in the ring but I will never underestimate my opponent. Press conferences are for talking and the ring is to show everyone what I've been talking about. After the fight, from August 8th until the 11th I am going with my family to the American Czestochowa. It's a traditional pilgrimage with my family and fellow country men from all over the world. On August 17th I will land in the airport in Warsaw. I am flying to Poland for a little less than two weeks. I will see my family in Gilowice and meet some fans in Warsaw and in other cities. I miss Poland, my family and Polish food. 



The first conference before the August fight

On last Thursday (June 27,2013) my promoters organized the first press conference before the August 3rd fight with Tony Grano. The conference took place in the well known Polish club, Wisla in Garfield. My opponent Tony Grano did not interrupt his training and therefore did not show up to the conference. I think that the meeting with the reporters was very fruitful, even after my long break.



There was time to share everyone’s thoughts and to hear some interesting points. Everyone wanted to know how I was feeling after my long break away from the ring. I assured everyone that this first fight is much needed. I once again returned to work with Main Events and Katy Duva, because she offered me the best deal. We have known each other for a very long time and we know what to expect from each other. Katy said that she will do everything she can to push a deal with NBC Sports Network so that the fight will reach millions of viewers. Since I’m fighting on my opponents turf, the fight should prove to be interesting and the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut will be packed. I don’t underestimate Tony Grano, because he has been training relentlessly since he knew what chance he got. I have been training for 10 weeks. Tomorrow I will begin sparring, first with Patrick Farrell and then also with the Ukrainian Wiaczelsaw Glazkow.Not long ago he fought with Scott Maliki and wants to be seen at gala in the U.S. link for the program of the fights-


Tickets can be ordered at-

 (908)-925- 5540, Millennium Photo, 204 N. Wood AveLinden, NJ 07036, USA, www.millenniumphotostudio.com,  email: millenniumphoto1@gmail.com

This past Sunday I went to Belvedere Café and Restaurant in New Britain, CT to promote the fight.


I had a very nice meeting with boxing fans. There were questions, photos taken and I signed posters and gloves. I am sure I will see many of these people at the fight as they will be cheering me on. The meeting- https://www.facebook.com/pages/BelvedereCafeandRestaurant/114268268660945?id=114268268660945&sk=photos_stream  



Overall, it is one month before the fight and everything is going smoothly and as planned. My health is good and I am training and keeping my weight between 98-100kg.  I believe that everything can go well and without injuries. I would like to thank and invite all boxing fans to closely follow the fight. I will soon post photos from the spars.



Return to the ring after a long vacation.

The contract has been signed- Tony Grano will be my opponent at the boxing gala August 3rd, 2013 at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT.



The gala can be watched in the US on NBC Sports Network Fight Night. There will be many known boxers fighting that night which will surely please the audience. In Poland the fight can be viewed on Polsat Sport. How will Chambers and Stevens fight? How will I represent myself after such a long absence?

I read that Brian Minto warned me to not underestimate Tony Grano. He is famous for having strong hands and being young and hungry for success. In the ring, one punch can decide the winner and loser of a fight. Who will it be this time? Let's wait until the day of the fight. Tony said that beating Adamek is one of his biggest goals. The fight will not be easy. Behind Tony Grano is his promoter, Don King. How many times have our paths crossed already? This is why the contract negotiations took so long to reach a compromise for both sides. I was training in New Jersey while waiting for the good news from negotiations. During the second month of training Roger Bloodworth focused on my weaknesses. We have altered the training sessions accordingly.

The key to success for me is always leg work. In my last fight with Cunningham my leg work was not the best. This time, I focused on my speed and certain muscles in my legs. Technique is never forgotten but it is always good to set up a fight plan against a known fighter. 



The plan so far is that we know what mistakes Tony Grano makes and we know his strengths. This will not be an easy fight because he has fought and surprised everyone against favorites. Don King also does not represent beginners, he finds talent and trains them to become world champions. Tony Grano will have boxing fans behind him and he will be fighting on home turf. I will do everything I can to ruin their mood and beat their favorite. Reporters say that this fight will actually show if I am ready to fight or not. This is true, there comes a time when it is time to answer questions that the fans and I may have about myself. I believe that I will win against Tony and in the fall I will be back in the ring again. I respect my health and have a change of plans for 2014. I hope that in 2014 I will end my career in professional boxing. The years are flying by and I don't plan on chasing the punching bag  into my retirement. Two losses and world titles in two weight categories do not bring disparagement.  I want to be remembered by boxing fans through the fights that I won and which brought them joy. Because of the time difference, the fight will air early in the morning on Sunday (the 4th). After the fight I planned a flight to Poland and a vacation with my family. 




I know that I don’t know anything.

I promised a longer break from boxing and I kept my word. I did not say though that I will not be continuing my blog. Fans are waiting for news from and I have been silent. It’s time for a few words of explanation. After the fight with Cunningham I was going to have a longer break in order to get away from the fast world of boxing. The break was to heal my body after getting beat up for so long. I accomplished that goal and I  have been training again with Roger Bloodworth for a month now. Tomorrow we are beginning strength training. The media has been introducing many of my new opponents. Alsmore fight dates have been discussed. I even said multiple times that I will discuss personal stuff when there is a contract in front of me on the table signed by both sides. Unfortunately we’ve had many negotiations with promoters but no such luck. There are many factors and reasons as to why. Mateusz Borek from Polsat explains it well in his report- : http://www.bokser.org/content/2013/05/20/154436/index.jsp

I agree with what Borek has to say. It’s true that I don’t have to prove myself to anyone.  I earned world titles in two weight categories and I made a goal to earn a title in the third weight category as well. This reminds me of climbing a mountain where each conquered peak provides another unattained goal. Each new goal is another big calling for the climber. I think that it will be very difficult to attain this goal. This is why I had a short break from boxing. I am charging up for next year because for this year, factors not dependent on me caused me to change my short term plans. This isn’t about a weaker fight with Cunningham or resigning to fight with Pule. My new strategy is going to be effective. It is time to put past me all the wasted fights over nothing. Now I will plan better and more strategically so that I can win the title in the heavyweight division. I don’t analyze the situation too much in the heavyweight division. The Kliczko brothers are beyond the reach of many boxers in the world. Every so often a hopeful shows up to beat them but never succeeds. I am having problems with finding an opponent to fight with me because the list of class fighters that want to fight on American television is very short.  Without television you can’t do a good gala and I only want to fight in good galas. How much am I worth today no one really knows. Only my next fight will show my condition and what I have to fight with. Today everything shows that I will be in the ring in August but an opponent is not yet contracted. I am planning another fight towards the end of the year and this is where things get more advanced. I am living far from Poland but I keep in contact with everyone from Poland. Today I read that 8 years ago I became a professional boxer.  My fight with Paul Briggs will forever be remembered by boxing fans. I would like to thank BoxerOrg for reminding me about this important fact in my career.


I had a broken nose and faugh against a very strong opponent. I won and got the world title which Polish fans were waiting for. Today I am healthy and eager for more fights. I didn’t burn myself out even though switching the style of fighting needs new training for speed and legs. I know that the dance is different in the heavyweight division. My gained experiences have to back me up in the ring in the future.


Happy Easter!


A surprise visit to Poland....


Last Thursday, Ziggy and I showed up in Wroclaw and many people couldn't believe their eyes. As we were walking down the street we heard people saying that we went to Poland to see the fight between Golota and Saleta. No,The goal of our fight is different. I can write about it now because we already had our meetings and talks. We flew to Poland for a quick and short visit and we were invited by a few sponsors from Poland who are interested in my fight in Poland. The fight could be in May of this year. One of the sponsors will be the Las Vegas Power Drink and we have a commercial contract signed with her. I want to point out that this visit did not result in any final decisions. Tomorrow morning we're heading back to the U.S. and hopefully within two weeks we will be able to tell with who and when I will be fighting. Today there are a lot of things to take care of and to clear up in Poland. If we cannot resolve what we need to, we will step away from the gala in Poland and will will concentrate on fights in the U.S.A. Recently I read a lot about my planned fight with Albert Sosnowski and another Polish boxer. This information is not set in stone yet. I repeat that instill want to pursue the world title in heavyweight, no matter what federation. I still have time to choose what I want to do and as we can see in boxing a lot can change from day to day. I have to use every opportunity to realize my dream. Boxing fans know to not to force anything. It is better to take care of the fights and the picking of opponents. Today I feel guilty when I read Chamber's or Cunningham's assumptions about me. To this day they have not accepted the fact that they did not knock me out during our fights. I crushed their dreams and took their peace. They have a lot more "talk" on twitter and on Facebook rather than the ring. That's not only my observation but other boxing fans' as well. I don't have time for that. For my a seeing my mother and family was more important. In Poland, a lot is changing for the better but the weather made the drive from Gilowice to Wroclaw slightly difficult. In the evening we may watch a little bit of the Golota-Saleta fight since the media has been talking about Golota having a rematch with me. When and where this fight will take place, not even the oldest men know.



Winter training by snow

Alas winter has reached the East coast of U.S.A. After hurricanes and floods mother nature is showing another strong side in New Jersey. We are not giving up and we are fighting with the heavy snowfall. The most digging we had to do was to get to our parking spot behind our house. Instead of going to the gym I'm burning calories by digging up all the snow around my house. In this cold I could use a nice warm coat from Poland.



I am receiving many letters about helping out charities. Now that I have some free time I can answer some of these letters. I am sending autographed gloves, clothing from our sponsors and many other items. I strongly encourage everyone to take part in these auctions since it's a great time to acquire memorabilia while helping sick children. There will be an auction on February 23 in Lubomierz where they will be selling off my gloves and other clothing items sent from me from the U.S. All proceeds go to Grzegorz Jaskiewicz who is handicapped. Details can be found on this page- 







Ride on band...

January went by quickly but not without hearing about it in the media. I went to Lake Placid as always, to ski and to rest from boxing. The slopes are 7.5 km long and I got to go down the slope 20 times in one day. That many kilometers on my legs serves as an excellent strengthening workout. But this doesn't count after the fight. What was important was seeing, reading and hearing what the media had to say. It was an absolute media chaos. Drunk Adamek totals his car and is going to jail for a year. From a small sliding accident in a cold and icy city they blew up to some huge collision. It could not have been any different, the media always looks for the next sensation. All it takes is one story and then the snowball effect begins. The information gets misconstrued and becomes news. This is what happened here too. And now for the facts. Because the roads were slippery and icy, my car slid and hit its side into two parked cars. No one got hurt from the accident. This accident had no third person in it which is very important when talking about the accident. This also had a lot of influence when I had to explain what happened to the police. On February 14th I will find out what kind of sanction I will receive for the accident. I sometimes almost had no say as to what happened in the accident. This wasn't my only main worry at the time. On January 26th I was a director at the Polish Sport Soccer Club Ball "Golden Eleven of 2012" in a club in Garfield.  On that day there were people from the Polish community that play soccer and the night was devoted to giving out awards and recognition. The Polish Representation coach Waldemar Fornalik came with his wife. This was a very important visit for the Polish soccer community. link:




I often go to the club in Garfield and play soccer. After boxing and skiing, soccer is another one of my favorite sports. I lost two kilograms by playing. My trainer told me to be active in other sports as well. In the last couple of days I also visited a spa where I was going through a biological renewal. I never had time for this and I spent many years int the ring. This is all because I want to refresh myself and am developing a natural hunger for boxing. Because my last fights were a little too close to one another they didn't allow me to regenerate my strength. This time it will be different. I will give to signal as to when my body will be ready for another fight. So far I have avoided serious injuries in the ring which is rarely said in heavy weight. We always hear about boxers who talk about their injuries. Every other minute we hear about a boxer being injured. One moment I want to go to the ring and the next my trainer is telling me otherwise. So it is difficult to say right now when and with who I will be fighting. I want to promise my fans though that probably in May I will have my next fight. Until then the promoters have off and I will be busy with other sports. The gossip about my upcoming fights does not distract me from my new activities. I will return to the ring stronger and more motivated and I needed this vacation for a long time. 


One fight, many opinions.

I had my fourth fight of the year. The fight with Cunningham in Bethlehem went down in history. I won, but not my or my fans satisfaction. My fans were not happy. The reporters mainly showed a negative side of the fight. I read the articles where there was negativity but also a lot of praise based on my performance. The judges verdict was like a huge snowball, which rolled from the U.S. to Poland and got more comments on the internet. There was an occasion to stick it to Adamek. And it doesn't matter here that that was my 50th fight in the ring. I won 48 and lost only 2. Only a few reporters wrote something about the fight that was worth reading. I think thought that there was reason for criticism. After the fight there were many questions which I have to answer soon for myself and for my fans. How am I not supposed to answer these questions: Where is the Adamek from the fight with Briggs, Arreola or Banks? Which version of Adamek will be in the ring in 2013? If fight like I fought that night can I count on winning again?



First a few things about the fight. At the press conference I give Steve the responsibility of the level of the fighting. I didn't like that he was running away from a fight and avoiding me in the ring. Everyone has a right to use his own tactic. Steve was avoiding open confrontation because he was scared of what happened in 2008. Unfortunately we didn't give a good show because of it.



I didn't give as many punches because I couldn't get to Steve. He was a moving target. Even when I had him in the corner I could not lock in a few good punches. I didn't repeat myself I waited for a better chance. I tried to fight carefully and to save my energy for the following rounds. I realized my own tactic i.e. speeding things up at the end of each round.  I got Steve a few times towards the end of each round but the gong didn't allow me to get more hits in. Steve also got me in a few situations when I was looking for a KO. Most of his hits are soft and don't do much to the opponent. It could be seen after the fight that my face was untouched. On the other hand his face showed the effects of my hits. Many of his hits I blocked with my gloves. I had a strange feeling after the fight that I was not yet that tired and still could go a few rounds.  At the press conference someone reminded me that this is my fourth fight and to slow down, no one in the HW fights that much.



Knowing how time has flown and my age I want to find myself at the top of the rankings quickly.  I did it,  I won four fights this year but that could be the reason that I am feeling tired. Who fought 50 times in the ring and accomplished as much as I ? There is a virtual club of fighters who fought 50 times in the professional ring. Who in that club is still an active boxer? That's for the statisticians. Or maybe it doesn't count? I am writing this in response to those who reacted angrily to my last fight. I don't want to be put down for what I achieved in boxing as  a Polish representative. I am hoping for people to focus on what I have achieved in boxing. Every won fight brings me closer to my goal . Even when it is far from the level that I am used to fighting at and which my fans are used to.

I will mention an article based off of the words of Harold Lederman:
"There is a controversy from the fight verdict between Tomasz Adamek and Steve Cunningham. Adamek won but it was not by unanimous decision, since the judges and the fans saw a bigger presence in the ring from the American. Some spoke about a scandal which could not have been serious because the fight was almost even and some rounds were difficult to judge. Even some specialists saw Cunningham winning. The most famous judge chose Adamek as the winner."
Lederman has been a point judge for years for the most important fights and then became an analyst on HBO. All important fights on HBO are analyzed by the help of Lederman, not officially but only for the fans. He is very respected and his opinion is almost always saught after in the community. When asked about the Adamek and Cunningham fight he saw the fight as 115:113, in favor of Adamek in other words 7-5 in rounds.
-I had 115:113 for Adamek. Cunningham brought it on himself because he fought with his right hand and he kept running away. He never showed a combination with two punches from the right hand. He got a few good strong hits but then he would retreat to his old tactic and I did not see him getting a win that way. He did not even try to hurt his opponent and Adamek kept trying to get closer to him- analyzed Lederman.
Link to the article:




From the beginning the fight with Cunningham was labeled by the media as easy, a fight finished only by KO. Since I won but not by a unanimous vote and not by an expected KO I gave less hits than expected so what could the opinions be? The judges chose the winner and Steve, as always, is feeling hurt. I brought the belt and the title IBF North American title to the ring with me. For Steve to win them, he had to do more in the ring than I. It is an unspoken rule in the ring that the contender to the belt should know how to do more in the ring than the current belt holder.  He has to have a will to fight and show efective boxing.  Steve fought well but showed everyone effective dancing in the ring. I have to catch up to him in that element. Steve accustomed boxing fans to criticize judges in Poland, Germany or the U.S. That's a standard from him. On this night he did not hit me hard enough for me to hit the floor and he did not do anything special in the ring to take the less meaning belt from me.  Today it is also hard to tell how much of an impact Judge Michael Buffer had by announcing the score cards incorrectly. At first he announced a tie and then announced my win. In this situation suspicions start to arise and people start to look at my win differently. There were allegations of cheating and that the judges were not up to par. The judges came from three different cities in the U.S. to which no one had any objections. After the fight Michael Buffer came to the locker room and apologized for the mixup that his announcement caused. I think that since this wasn't the fight of my life I deserve to win. I always adjust to the fighting style of my opponent and this time I will admit that fighting Cunningham at this pace I couldn't get to him. I eagerly utilize my technique and thanks to it I have won numerous fights. This time Steve showed to be a master at avoiding a fight. Utilizing such a tactic does not guarantee a won fight. Something has got to give. This time this great tactic for the great big and slow Adamek was not effective. In the eyes of the judges it was more important for me to tell the media about the heavy hits and accented ends of rounds. I hope that Steve will show again in the heavyweight how to win with great fighters.  He's an experienced fighter and every next fight will predict the future. I hope that in 2013 he admits that he could do a lot better in this weight category. As for me with the advice of my trainer and my promoters I will curb the amount of fights that I will have in 2013. I know that offers with attractive fighters is only a matter of time. I am thankful for NBC for showing my fights in the U.S. and continuing to want to air my fights. I Poland Orange Sport is beating viewer records which is the only network to air the fight in Poland. Thanks to everyone that has written to me. I am accepting all constructive criticism and I promise for more emotional fights on my way to the belt. I know that after this fight I lost many of my fans who say it is the end of Adamek the warrior. Nothing like this again and I promise I will try for a few more good matches and later I will clear the way for  younger boxers from Poland. I hope they live up to what I have achieved and prove to be even better than me. Thank you everyone for sending me New Years and Christmas wishes.




The story of one relationship

I finished my training yesterday and now it's time for my body to recover. I am ready for another fight with Steve Cunningham. This fight has a few meaning s to me and to Steve. He will be fighting with a Polish fighter for the fourth time.He fought with Krzysztof Wlodarczyk twice. He lost the first fight and then he got his IBF federation belt.  Now for the second time he will fight with me. I know that he remembers our past three fights very well.  He has things to settle with me since i won in 12/11/2008 and I took the world IBF federation title. After the emotional fight I became a recognized fighter in the USA. I received other recognition after that win. I met Steve in Poland in May of 2007 and he is a very nice person. I had a chance to train with him in 2007 before my fight in Katowice. I never would have thought that I was going to see him in the ring thst soon. During my four year stay in USA I met with him multiple times. On December 22nd we will go into the ring as different men. We are fighting in the heavyweight category, which is faught differently. I became physicaly stronger and I adjusted my fighting style to the fight. I have more experience in this way of fighting than he does. What matters to me is that I don't have to win this fight but I want to win it.



    Steve must win if he wants to remain longer in this category. He knows this and he wants to use this chance. The last time I saw him was during a photo shoot for NBC Sport in Philadelphia. There were symptoms of pre-fight tension.



 I have two weeks to get my strength back after the hard sparring with Tor Hamer who will be fighting in the same gala. The fight is very soon, after that it's time for Christmas and the New Year. There will be time for Christmas wishes. I would like to thank everyone right now for everyone wishing me a happy burthday.
And a huge congratulations to Mateusz Masternak and his whole team for winning the European Title. He is growing to be the next world champion, bravo and keep it up!


Spars with a break for turkey

The American holiday, Thanksgiving gave me an excuse for a quick break from all my training. To have a turkey on the table is American tradition for over 80 years. I sat at the table with my wife and daughters. This reminded me that we are getting closer and closer to Christmas.



Before the holidays a big battle with Steve Cunningham awaits me in the ring. This time Tor Hamer who was this years Prizefighter Heavyweight Tournament winner will be sparring with me as well as PAtrick Farrel, Adam Kownacki and Sisi Solis.  Adam Kownacki is training and slowly getting back into shape. So far everything is going according to plan, my sparring partners are challenging me to become better. Each one of them contributes different assets but the quickness of the fight is the most important to me. Tor Hamer does everything in the ring that assures that I will not be bored. His fast hits, balance and strength are supposed to imitate Cunningham's style. I am expecting this because I know that Steve Cunningham will want to establish a fast tempo. He had two battles with Diablo Wlodarczyk and now it's time for a second one with me. Fights with Polish men are always a big calling to him.  

A sneak peek at the program on December 22.


In the US the fight will be on NBC Sports Networl and in Poland, Polsat. In Poland the fight will be shown in the later evening which I'm sure will be well received by the viewers in Poland. I am counting on a win and the for a holiday break. Next year I am planning for a fight for the belt.  There were many interesting fights this past term. For example Jonathan Bankas' win against Seth Mitchell. After this win Banks and his team wanted a rematch with me. The one lost fight in his career which was with me still hurts him. I must admit though that he beat him pretty easily and has furthered his hopes in HW. In Europe, Pulev and Helenius are fighting for the HW title. Mariusz Wach will also be looking for another chance at the title after his loss against Wladimir Kliczko. The Kliczko brothers still dominate but maybe 2013 will bring someone that will beat them. Time will tell, sometimes there are big surprises in boxing.



No time for boredom.

All of USA lived through hurricane Sandy. The Eastern shore of the US, where my house is located, got hit right with the eye of the storm. New York, New Jersey was heavily hit with water and strong winds which destroyed trees, houses and electrical infrastructure. There was no electricity or gas. My family and I lived through the hard times but thankfully nothing bad happened to us. For a few weeks I started training but the losses from the hurricane have limited my training options. I could not jog around my neighborhood because there were electrical wires hanging everywherer and there were fragments of homes laying around. I am well prepared for the fight with Cunningham and not even a winter attack could stop me.



As usual we are realizing boxing and strength training with the trainers. I know my opponent well; I know his strong sides and this helps me train better. The training of tactic is slightly less important than endurance. Cunningham did not lose his speed and he is even more motivated to become an eliminator in HW, he will be very dangerous in the ring. I know that after our first fight in 2008 I changed a lot about the way I fight. I am much stronger than Steve and this should be my strong suit. I am not underestimating my opponent and am preparing for a hard and fast fight. I am sure that this fight will be very emotional and interesting to the viewers. There will also be a lot of emotion for Mariusz Wach and Wladimir Kliczko in the upcoming fight in Hamburg on November 10th. Many reporters called asking me about my chances with Mariusz. A lot points that it is not a lost position.

They have similar physical features, a level of training and a similar tactic which are the main components of their fights. Mariusz has a big chance of a close fight with Wladimir but on his terms. He should dictate the fight from the very first seconds of the fight. A strong left and a lot of movement and attacking repeatedly. Mariusz has to give many punches because usually after the first two hits Wladimir backs up and stands in one place. Then there is a chance for more hits because he hits schematically. The press will not let Wladimir do a slow fight. This style of fight from Wladimir usually calls for running away into a clinch. This is a sign that the opponent is not where he thought and Wladimir can't get to him. A calm fight with him gives him a chance to prepare attacks in different disguises. I believe that Mariusz can establish the tempo of the fight. This will tire him and Wladimir. Then he will win who can hit the targert. Mariusz cannot allow himself to not pay attention or to stand still. That's when Wladimir is very dangerous which he showed in the fight with Mormeck. No one has really challenged Mariusz yet when it comes to avoiding his punches. I believe that the time he spent in the USA changed him and allowed him to become good at avoiding hits. If everything goes according to plan then the next step will be to prepare room for four World Title belts. I know that Mariusz's American dream can be realized in a few days. Mariusz get to work in the ring so you can win against Dr. Steel Fist. If you don't win then I will prepare for a fight with Wladimir in 2013 to meet up with the HW champion again. Good luck and I believe in you and all of team Wach.


The Big Revenge with Cunningham for the Fight with Solis


I was very careful about releasing any information about the fight. The media speculated about my chances against Solis for about a month. The result of the talks between the promoters is known, Solis' agents didn't receive the full contract in the delegated time frame. Therefore there won't be a fight with the famous Cuban boxer and the results of that fight would have been important for the both of us. Oh well, I'm sure he has different goals than I do. Instead of him, IBF organized a fight with Steve Cunningham. How am I supposed to respond to this change? Many people are speculating that Steve Cunningham got the fight with me too quickly. I don't really think of it that way since Cunningham was waiting for a revenge fight with me since 2008. He never accepted his loss and wants to prove that he fights better than I do. This will be a big fight since the first one I won I claimed the title World Champion in the IBF Federation. This fight will not be any less interesting than the fight with Solis. Beating Cunningham will prove that I am still number two in the IBF Federation. The fight's title- IBF North American Heavyweight Title IBF Eliminator for #2 Spot

The link for information about previous fights and this title and belt:




In 2013 I would really like to earn the right to fight for the HW title and belt in this federation. This is my goal. Now I have a two week break from intense technical training. My trainer will be coming back in a week and then we will begin my long training cycle before the December fight. Until then I train lightly with Tylor Woodman, by jogging or playing tennis. I know Steve Cunningham well and I respect him for being a good athlete and above all, a great father and family man. We often run into each other at galas and always find time for a quick conversation. This should make people very interested in our rematch fight. Will there be a big show? Yes of course there will be. He is fast and strong but also has  his weak points. Our first fight doesn't matter anymore. It's been four years and we've both changed since then. We know almost everything about each other and that should make the fiht very interesting. The fight is starting fresh, just like restarting a computer. I have a feeling that the fans gathered in Sands Casino Resort in Bethlehem, PA and fans gathered in front of the TV will get to see a very good fight. In the US the fight will be transmitted by NBC. In Poland I am hoping for Polsat since then it will air in the evening hours. Closer to the fight, we will know the names of other boxers who will also be fighting that day.


Another sports challenge

I never chose an easy solution and always a sporty road to a goal. Everything points to another big sport calling me. Promoters are working on my next fight. The media is speculating and is telling the world about my future opponent. I as always, am waiting for the word that the contract has been signed by both sides. Then everything will be clear. I am not idly waiting for these news. First was a fishing trip with friends and then a few Polish get togethers. Now I am training for the second week in New Jersey. I began training technical elements because as always Roger Bloodworth establishes the training plan before the next fight. December twenty-second is far away but I can't just sit around and watch tv when I have another heavy fight ahead of me. No matter who I will fight, I have to be prepared for a big war. At this level there is no point in relying on luck, you have to go in the ring and prove yourself. I have a good mindset because my health is good right now which is most important. My weight is normal 100-101kg. Soon we will be practicing new elements with the influence of who I am fighting. 



I am receiving many letter and online posts from other countries. I want to thank boxing fans and friends for their contact. I feel a lot of support because of these fans. I also am receiving many thanks for supporting many philanthropic initiatives. I will admit that the amount of human bad luck that comes to me is very big. I received a small trophy from the Make a Wish Foundation which I  support. This made me very happy that  I could help someone in need. I know though that I cannot help everyone. I also constantly have ungranted American dreams. I achieved a lot after living in the U.S. for five years but I am aiming for the belt and title in Heavyweight. 



I intently follow the development of heavyweight in the world. Something moved, I watched a few fights and now there are many new chances to attain my goal. I recently read that Sasza Powietkin sees my as an opponent. I met him before while he was training in New Jersey with  Teddy Atlas.  Boxing fans are waiting for Mariusz Wacha's fight with Wladimir Kliczko and are hoping for a surprise. It's good that he decided to prepare in Dzierzoniowie with Peter Wilczewski. A while ago we trained together and were friends and now everyone is taking their separate paths. We have contact through phone. It's good that Polish boxers are fighting in different rings throughout the world with good results. It is safe to say that there are more and more Polish names in the federation rankings. Hopefully this keeps up. 


From the bottom to the top, an emotional swing

For a few days I waited in silence and thought about how people were judging my fight with Walker. I read many different articles. Today after calming my emotions, I can say that many fans appreciated my win. This time the predictions proved themselves in the ring. It was a war of fists. 



The first round was a mutual examination. The second round was the realization of each others tactics. He planned to use his right and that was what he did.  He did everything fast and at a moment when I wasn't stable on my feet. The effect was seen in the photos from the gala. I fell to the ground with my feet up but thankfully I did not lose consciousness. In the photo I rather see my surprise than pain from the blow. I stood up quickly and survived his frontal yet ineffective attack.  He was waving his arms around in victory while I was avoiding his hits. He did not hurt me with those punches because I avoided them or blocked them. For a moment he let up and I noticed that he was more tired than I was. I had to attack because he lost a lot of power during those punches. I hit right on target with my left one time after another. There were 22 seconds left in the second round when I started the frontal attacks. Walker did not take my attacks too well. He crouched in my corner as if he was apologizing for sending me to the ground earlier. I wanted to finish the job myself but there was not enough time and the round ended. The judges could barely hear the gong which got lost in the sea of cheering fans. 



  The third and fourth round gave me back my confidence. In the fifth I turned up the tempo and attacked. After a series of about a dozen punches the judge interrupted the match. This was an emotional show, as confirmed by fans and my friends and the media. Others mentioned that the old Adamek is back and they remember this style from my previous lower category fights. I treasure the opinion of well known professionals such as Janusz Pindera with whom I met before and after the fight. He told me that the fight was emotional and that it was similar to other heavyweight fights he's seen before. It's important that even though Walker gave some heavy punches, they did not hurt me. Roger Bloodworth also went through some emotions. He was rather composed in the corner.  He told me to relax and to box my own way. That was enough for me to turn the fight around. Another won fight will improve my statistics. I showed that if I hit well I can beat boxers with Walkers posture. After the fight he was shaking his head for a long time at the fact that he did not finish his actions from the second round. I would like to thank all of the fans that came out to support me at such an unusual time. I would like to thank all of my fans in Poland and I apologize for the TV mix up but I have no influence over that aspect. The experiment with the time of the fight and the format is in the past. I am thinking about one more fight this year. The potential date of December 22 is not that great. It is only two days before Christmas and preparations for the holidays. Will fans have time to watch the fight during this time? I am interested in what boxing fans have to say about this topic. The next topic is finding an opponent for the fight. Hopefully my promoters will reslve these two conflicts within the next few weeks


Doing What I Need to do

Another training camp is behind me. Last week I devoted some time for meetings and Polish picnics. Over 11 thousand people came to the Polish-American Festival in American Czestochowa. It was organized by a Catholic seminary called Ojcow Paulinow located in Doylestown, PA. Polish group of Gorale came from Chicago. I had a very enjoyable time meeting them. Even though I am far from home I had a strong sense of belonging here being among so many of my fellow countrymen. You could feel Poland by seeing peoples' clothes, their conversations and the overall great atmosphere. Mentally I am tired from training so hard. Yesterday in Newark there was a press conference with all the boxers representing themselves on Saturday night. I had a reporter tell me that thanks to my fights the Prudential Center has become a mecca of professional boxing. Before that hockey, basketball and other social events ruled the arena. Now huge billboards all around it invite people to boxing galas. I will not reveal anything about my weight today although I am slightly above 100kg. I am happy that on Saturday night the audience and viewers at home will get to enjoy interesting fights. In U.S. the fight will be shown by NBC. In Poland for the first time it will be shown on PPV. Boxing, KSW and soccer will all be shown around the same time. There is some protest in PPV regarding the event. I know though that my fans will resolve this problem and will watch the fight on TV Saturday night. There are occasions to watch the fight with larger crowds. A large group of my fans flew to the U.S. and they strongly believe that I am going to win the fight with Walker. I hope that the fight will go as I imagine it to and I will win it easily.  Before the end of the year there will be another fight organized in December to ensure that I will be one step closer to winning the belt. Tomorrow there will also be other interesting fights among the top boxers in the world. I am interested to see how these fights will plan out. I hope that everyone will enjoy watching the fight no matter where they are watching it from.



How Young Adam with old Adamek has fought…:)


Another few weeks of training is behind me. Adam showed up at the gym and asked if we needed him. Adam Kownacki, there is talk about him returning to the ring. His left hand was injured and he did not fight in over a year. He called Ziggy Rozalski and asked for training time in the gym while I prepare for the fight with Walker. We quickly came to an understanding and Roger Bloodworth offered to help train Adam. This way after a few sessions Adam was sparring with Adamek and doing pretty well. You can see in him a hunger for boxing and a heart for it. This makes me happy because our training is definitely not boring. I get to show a younger friend what to look out for if he wants to become a better boxer. He is very determined and he is slowly going forward, he listens to everything and this confirms his boxing talents. Roger showed him a lot of technique and this way Adam is getting back to a good disposition. He wanted to fight at my gala in August but the trainer advised for a fight toward the end of the year. I know he really wanted to shine at the gala which is going to be viewed world wide. Solis, Cunningham, Adamek, Walker, Jennings, Govern guarantee good fights that night. The first fight with Cunningham in the heavyweight division will show us if this was a good choice for him. It is not known yet who Odlanier Solis will be fighting. One thing is for sure that the Prudential Center will be filled with boxing fans that night. In front of televisions in the US, Poland and other countries these fights will be closely followed. In Poland they can be watched on the PPV system and if other TV stations offer. The time of the fight on television will be adjusted in Poland and viewers can watch it in the late evening instead of early Sunday morning. I train twice a day, strength training and spars. Also evening runs and sessions with my trainers. This upcoming Thursday we have a session planned for media. Later I am slowing down and am funding a weeks relaxation for myself before the fight. I will be wearing new clothes in the ring sponsored by Las Vegas Energy Drink and with the song "remember" by Funky Polak. I am inviting everyone to the gala in Newark and also to watch everything on television!



Trainings before fight Adamek vs. Walker


Roger Bloodworth, Ziggy Rozalski and I were on Ziggys yacht on Lake George. The week of rest was very nice because I was still getting used to the time change in the USA. Last Sunday I went along with my trainer to the American Czestochowa, where I was warmly greeted. Tomorrow there will be a press conference devoted to my August 8th fight with Walker in the Prudential Center. I hope that the media will find out more about hat my opponent thinks about our fight. Walker was in Poland but he wasn't there long enough to await opinions about him. I am interested to see how he will react to the one sided and subjective opinion from his ex sparring partner and promoter. This conference should bring out many confrontational hypothesis from Walker about our fight. I will try to calmly react to every instigation from him.



Fighting over words will do nothing, it is the fight that will declare who the real fighter is. I know I shouldn't take any opponent lightly even when someone had a bad opinion about his sparring. Walker knows that he received a second chance opening the door to fight for the HW belt. I'm sure he will want to take advantage of this opportunity and he will be well prepared. This will be a different fight from Chambers, because this will be a different fighter that surprised even Arreola. The gala will include a few different fights and the information will be given at the press conference. link:






Free live streaming by Ustream





On Monday I will be training in New Jersey. The first plan was technique with Roger Bloodworth. On Wednesday I also started strength training with Tylor Woodman. We started right out of the gate but August 8th is not that far away. It is important to me that after living in the U.S. for 4 years I have adapted to the time here. It takes longer for me to adapt when I fly to Poland, only after 2-3 weeks I am used to the time change. The only sure thing about the fight in August is that it is in the Prudential Center in Newark. I as well as my fans cannot wait until we find out the name of my opponent. While I was in Poland I was informed by the media that a fight with Toney awaits me. This is not for sure though and right after that a new issue came up, organizing the tournament by the IBF Federation with my cooperation. Aleksander Ustinow was to be my opponent. I learned this but I am still waiting on the final decision from the promoters. I am not excluding anything because I know I could go into the ring and there could be a completely different opponent waiting for me. When I sign the contract the promoters will release the information to the media. Tomorrow, July 20th in Warsaw is the funeral of the Master Jerzy Kuleja. He was a witness and a commentator through most of my fights. He often gave me advice and told me how to fight better. He was very kind and warm. He was very involved in his community as well as being an athlete and a commentator for boxing fights. He was a good person to me and an excellent example of Polish boxing. Today I remember him for the good person that he was and I remember him by the business card that he once gave me. I'm sad that I cannot  be at his funeral but I will be visiting his grave when I am in Poland.

Rest in Peace, Jerzy.




One handed Chambers, or how to win against Adamek


After a few days the emotions wore off and the comments about the fight appeared. I said how I felt right after  the fight.  Overall I knew the fight was not going to be easy after seeing what Chambers has done in the past. His fights that happened over the past few years in the HW division showed how a fight with him could look. Chambers decided to take advantage of the rising occasion and he agreed to the fight with me. He saw a chance for a win against the small heavy Adamek. He counted on another shot to win the title and the belt of world champion in HW. The decision to train in the legendary Kronk Gym assured everything. From day one it was felt that the staff of Kronk Gym wanted revenge for the loss that their fighter Jonathan Banks had. They proposed a great plan to Eddie. The goal of the plan was for Eddie to lose weight down close to the minimum weight, 91kg which made Eddie fast as lighting. At the press conference a new, younger and a more fit Eddie showed up. Eddie said that he will catch me in the ring like a cowboy in a western movie. He surprised me he was shorter and smaller than me. For the first time I outweighed someone and was taller than someone, which doesn't happen to me often. From the beginning of the fight Eddie avoided contact. He moved quickly around the ring, balancing his body. He was concentrated on protecting his head and he kept his guard up high. He breathed through a small opening between his gloves and would look at me with different provoking faces. Before the fight I trained giving blows to the torso. There I could place many hits in the fight. The first round reassured that. My hits aimed at his head weren't getting to the right spot or would hit his guard. I decided to take a tactical approach and I aimed at his torso. Ever so often I would hit his ribs and that encouraged me to give more and harder hits. on many occasions he tried to block my blows but they were quite painful so he took a different approach. He decided to dance and to fight at a distance. That gave him a sense of security and his right hand hits weren't threatening me either. The first round established the whole fight. He and I both had to show who ran the ring during that round. My strong hits which he tried to block probably led to a contusion of his left hand. This could have been a tactical move. He only showed that there was something wrong with his hand a few times. Arreola did a similar thing in our fight. He could have tried to convince me that that hand was not dangerous to me.



Only when I was within his reach could he then hit me with a powerful blow. He turned my attention away and he then switched positions. He only used that hand to block hits but he did not use it to hit. This lasted for a few rounds. Usually a boxer will seek medical attention in the ring to not further injure himself. But he was forgetting about his facial expressions of pain. He effectively was provoking this and tried to entertain me by switching up the balance of his body. Although that does not count in the ring. I gave blow after blow because I knew Eddie was fighting at a distance and wouldn't let me get too close. I had a feeling that he hesitated more after my blows, but that wasn't enough to hold him off at the ropes. The fight looked like it was even but in the end it depended on how many hits were given. I felt that I gave a lot of hits and way more than he did. The verdict and the statistics were very useful for me. At first I didn't hide my disappointment about the fight. I was very well prepared and after twelve rounds I felt great. 

During the fight there was no clenching or breathing on gloves. Eddie did not reach his goal which was to tire me out in the beginning rounds and taking advantage of my slow speed.     I did what I was supposed to and that's why I won. I realized the tactical plans that I made with my trainer. It wasn't a good fight to watch because boxing is a lot of hits and guarding those hits. Eddie did not want a fight like that he chose to guard himself and avoid a fight. With this he gave room to speculate what could have happened if he would have used his left hand. Then he would have probably won against me. Similar to another boxer who fought against me who thinks he didn't lose the fight. It's hard to come to terms with a fight when it comes between you and your ambition. After the verdict he was calm probably the staff at Kronk Gym was the same way. I am winning with them 2-0. I won with Banks and with Chambers. The opinions are mostly positive, in USA everyone knows that Adamek beat Chambers. NBC Sport reached millions of people and that will help me in the future. Thanks to that I extended working with my current promoters and television. The next two fights in USA already have set plans. Now it's time for rest. Tomorrow at 9am I am flying into Krakow for a vacation in Poland. I will surely run into many boxing fans especially in Krasnymstaw at the opening for the stadium. Thank you as always for all your support and I will see everyone in Poland!



How fast time flies

I have a few weeks of hard training behind me so it's time to slow down. This week we will do lighter training and then it's total relaxation before the fight. I have heard many opinions and comments about my chances against Eddie Chambers. I always remain calm and concentrated because I know I prepared well. I still believe that my disposition on the day of the fight will be good. Training allowed me to replace some fat with muscle. My weight remains at 225 lbs which shows my weight stability. I have gained a few new elements which will help me in fighting Chambers. I am not going to say who is faster because that is what our fight is for. The one that will use his style of fighting and that will know how to think constructively will win. In a fight like this one I have to give my all. We are both similar to each other physically and in our fighting styles. I apologize, after the first conference it was shown that I am taller and heavier than Eddie. I thought it was going to be the other way around. It shows that he takes boxing seriously and that he believes in his chances. I am sure that boxing fans will get a good show from us and will not be disappointed. I know that there will be many of my fans cheering me on at the fight. As always I will enter to the Funky Polak song "Pamietaj". Beside this fight we have seven more exciting fights planned. Polsat will be playing the fight in Poland. NBC Sports Network will be showing it in the U.S. this assures an audience of millions.  link:






June is a lucky month for me. I remember July 9th, 2007 I fought Luis Pineda for the vacant International Boxing Organization Cruiserweight  title. This was an important fight because it was the first one for me in a higher weight class. I won the fight, got another belt and stopped thinking about dropping weight. This year on July 16th is the day of my fight. Only hours before me will the Polish soccer team play against the Germans. I wish them the best of luck and I hope they win which will put me in an even better mood before my fight. I hope to feel the EURO 2012 atmosphere because a few days after the fight we will be taking a vacation in Poland. My daughters haven't been in Poland for a while and it's time to catch up with old Polish friends. Goodbye for now and I'll see everyone at the gala and later in Poland.


Operation Chambers



Day after day I train for the fight with Eddy Chambers. On April 19th in Newark there was a press conference to promote our fight. There were no predictions from either side Eddie confidently said that he will win this fight. He stated that the fight will be interesting and fast. He promised a very interesting fight and that he is going to take advantage of this opportunity. I know that I have to win this fight and I will. The future of my career and my path to the HW belt depends on it. Eddie is shorter than me and he weighs less. This shows that he treats boxing and our fight very seriously. Since there has been a lot of interest about our fight in U.S.A. the organizers decided to extend the range of the fight. The match will be 12 round instead of the usual 10. The wager will be the NABF belt in the heavyweight division. winning this will bring me closer to fighting the world champion, Wladimir Klichko. The fight will be shown on NBC Sports Network under "Fight Night". On Thursday, May third for promotional purposes I was invited with Roger Bloodworth by NBC to the Prudential Center in Newark. That is the day of the hockey game between the NJ Devils and the Flyers. I had a chance to watch the game and also I took part in an interview to promote the fight. The interview was shown during a break in the game on the huge television screens. The atmosphere was unbelievable and the joy of the fans was huge when they beat their tough opponent. We felt the intense atmosphere in the box seats instead of the ring of the Prudential Center.



I am convinced that this fight will beat the record of most fans at one of my fights. The tickets are selling very well and this will be a big event in the media. I am applying myself more and more to my daily training. I train twice a day, I do strength training as well as speed training. We have a specific training cycle. I also run a lot so that I have the stamina for this fight. As of now my health is good and my hand has healed. I am weighing in at 102 kg. Soon I will begin sparring and other ending elements for Chambers tactic. There will be another boxing gala in Rzeszow but I will not be able to attend because of schedules conflicting. I am sure that that gala is another step in sculpting more Polish talent in the ring.



A fast contract with the fast Chambers.

Everything went very quickly and smoothly. Nearly two weeks after my fight with Aguilera I signed a contract to fight with Eddie Chambers. The fight will be on the 16th of June in the well-known Prudential Center in Newark. NBC Sports Network will be airing the fight. In Poland I believe Polsat will be airing it. Planning this fight went really fast but it all depends on the hard work of good people. Eddie Chambers is a known fighter in the American heavyweights. We are similar height and he is known for good technique and for his speed in giving blows. For the longest time he has been noted in the rankings of different federations. Predictions about the fight can be found here:




It should be a good and fast fight, after which one of us will be closer to winning the belt. I am happy to be returning to the Prudential Center and fighting there again. I have won many fights there in the past. I expect to find more Polish boxers in the night's program. The signing of the contract and how soon the fight is demands a fast start to training. Right after Easter I am going to St. Louis for the first sessions with Roger Bloodworth. The whole cycle should last about 7 to 8 weeks. In two weeks we will know the details as to the locations of the work outs, sparring partners and what we will be doing specifically. Chamber's style is very well known and we will not have to watch him on video. I have to prepare for a hard fight with a very demanding opponent. This will be a big show from both Chambers and I. "Fast" Eddie Chambers was at my fight against Nagy and saw me fight live. We will see how he will use his observations in the ring.





Time for information about my injury. The swelling on my left hand has gone down and I am feeling less pain when I give punches. I am very satisfied with the treatment that Dr. Chester Melone gave me and with his spot on diagnosis as to how long the healing process will take. I wish all my fans a wonderful and peaceful Easter holiday!



An interesting evening in Brooklyn.


A lot has happened on the evening of March 24th in the Aviator Sports Complex in Brooklyn. A small hall where in one night three ex world champions were to fight- Liachowicz, Judah and Adamek. I felt great that day. My half a year off after the Kliczko fight has sure helped me. I trained for over ten weeks and was well prepared for the fight with Nagy. I entered the ring to the same song by Funky Polak, since the fans asked for it. As I have written a few days ago, I kept my promise. From the first minute of the fight Nagy gave himself away but I held back and controlled myself. That night I brought the "Polish left straight" into the ring with me. I tried to paralyze his readiness by using the combination multiple times. Another willing element was not letting him get to my sides and not fighting on the ropes. This way of fighting gave me safety from his right arm. Consequently I faced him with my side which allowed me to give strong left blows. My side pose didn't allow him to hit my liver. Another way of protecting myself was to bend down and protect my head from Nagy's "torpedo" hits. I watched a replay of the fight and could then calmly analyze it. There were a few seconds missing in the third round when Nagy sort of danced after my left hit. The fourth round also showed that I could have had a K.O. Unfortunately after the multiple hard blows in the first three rounds I felt a burning in my left arm. During the fight I did not stop to think why I had this pain, first in my left and then in my right arm.



Statistics then showed that out of 676 hits 305 made deliberate contact, most of them were given with my left arm. Reporter Janusz Pindera talked about that fact on many occasions. He very well knows that my strongest hit is from my left arm. It's worth seeing my earlier fights to confirm this fact. I am happy with the fast tempo of the fight which we both dictated. It showed that Nagy approached this fight seriously. Many of my commentators said that the pace and the style of the fight was similar to the one with Chris Arreola. Then in Houston it was Chris that got a hand contusion and now it was me. The pain did not allow me to give heavy blows in the fourth round. Too bad, because if it wasn't for that the fight would have been even more interesting. 

Shortly after the fight I ran into the legendary Don King. He greeted me warmly cogratulated me for the win and said that he loves me. He assured me I will remain in boxing for the next 50 years and admitted that he made a huge mistake by letting me leave his group. He said that I have a fighter's soul and I am capable of fighting like a warrior. That's what boxing is all about. In the evening at home I thought about how much has happened because of the fight. The commentator for NBC was the best trainer for the past few years, Freddie Roach. After the fight, American media noticed the high level of the fight and the fans demanded a replay. With one word I erased the fight with Witalij and I took the first step toward the direction of a second shot at the title. I did have to pay a visit to a clinic in New York for my hurt left hand. I went to Beth Israel Clinic in Manhattan where Dr. Chester Melone works who is one of the most well-known hand surgeons. Dr. Melone is also known for working on Artur Gatti's hands. He operated on his hands four times and as seen in his fights, Gatti gave a lot of blows. Dr. Melone turned out to be very nice and to know a lot about boxing. A short two week rehab should heal my beat up hands. Thankfully I did not break any bones because if I did, I would have to postpone my June fight. Thankfully my return to the ring went well. The commentators in USA and in Poland were supportive. There were also negative comments towards others but I just have become used to them. I would like to thank my fellow countrymen that came out to support me. And also a separate thanks to the fans that watched the fight on TV in Poland despite the time change. 




The second approach to HW belt

It's the end of training and the press conference and the weigh-in are behind me. Now only a short walk and waiting for the next fight. At the press conference I stood next to Nagy eye to eye. This fact always has to be commented. He is a little bit shorter than me and is a nice guy over all. He admitted during the press conference that I was bigger than he expected. That was a point for me in the psychological fight. We had to show what we were working with at the weigh-in.  I did not want to be lighter than him so I weighed in with my sweatpants on. Unfortunately I weighed less than he did. I was 100.9 kg and he was 102.5 kg. I should have put stones in my pockets to weigh more. Next time I will have to prepare myself better. Confidence and the outlook on the fight is important. With this fight I am beginning my second attempt at the Heavyweight title. How much time this will take, how many fights I will have and with who, time will tell. On the day of the fight it is time to turn the clocks back in Poland. My hope is that boxing fans are turning their watches an hour earlier to watch my fight live on the 25th at 4:30.


After my time off I will enter the ring differently. For the past fe months Bloodworth and I have been training many technical elements. We spent a lot of time on my posture in the ring. I am lower and my side facing my opponent, I will be more difficult to hit. Aquilera is not a schematic fighter, he changes his tactic a lot throughout the fight and is quite fast in attacking. He is often the one to get a lot of press on his opponent. There is only one remedy for that, blows to the side which are very weakening. The first few minutes of the fight will be very important to me because I want to use all my tactical moves that I have been training. Who will win we will know in a few hours. I really want to win this fight, so that I can carefully train for a fight in June. Today in Atlantic City there will be other Polish boxers fighting as well. There will be many emotions for boxing fans from Saturday to Sunday. I wish all my friends the best of luck in all of their fights. I want to thank all of my fans for their support . There won't be the same atmosphere as in all my other fights but we will get back to that in June.



In three weeks next fight vs. Nagy Aquilera



Yesterday in world boxing and fitness center in Jersey City (New Jersey) I had a media training before my fight with Nagi Aguilera (17-6, 12 KO), which will take place on Saturday, March 24th in Aviator Sports Complex in Brooklyn, NY. Link:




     As usual, before a fight I had the same questions asked about my well-being and how I've been preparing. I feel good and nothing is bothering me which is very important. I did pretty well in the spars with Derrick Rossy, Bobby Gunn as well as two less known American boxers. Derrick and Bobby received harder punches from me and I hope they know that their work on the strength in my hits did not go to waste. Tylor Woodman, my strength coach gave me a different set of exercises. This flowered by a combination of strength training and building up muscle weight. Just in short three weeks my opponent, Nagy Aguilera will be testing out my newfound elements in the ring. My opponent is called the Dominican Dynamite, I will have to watch out for this. After a longer break I will be fighting for 10 rounds. I play out the fight in my head beforehand and I will have to verify myself in the ring. I hope that the fight will play out like  I think it will. A small room in which the gala will be organized by Zab Judah, will be a different experience for me. I have gotten used to being cheered on by thousands of fans and now there will only be a handful of fans. This all proves that I want to show myself in front of more fans with even better fighters. By Tomek " Funky Polak"'s request I will enter into the ring with his song. Video:

: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAZ1DUO0wVs&feature=related. And also check out his other songs that deal with emigration:




foto: Adamek Team / Mike Gladysz


Within the past few days Andrzej "Diego" Tomaszewski, the author of "Fighter" wrote to me. He promised that soon his other work "Fighter 2" will be released. The first book earned a lot of publicity and respect, so I eagerly will be waiting for a return of his talent. Link:


After the fight in Wroclaw, a lot has happened in boxing. Fights, scandal, re-matches and fighters being provoked keep boxing an unpredictable sport. Witalij Kliczko found himself in a weak disposition and is slowly reaching the decision to end his career. Years Re flying by and I know something about that. The line of contenders for the heavyweight title is being extended with Hauck, Helenius and Arreola. New talent will flash by from USA and Europe but we have yet to see talent like Kliczko. From one side there are veterans of the ring like Mormeck and other there are young fighters counting down the days until the Kliczko brothers leave. Only they will decide when they will walk away and leave their belts and titles. It's for those belts that everyone in the Heavyweight category will be fighting for. In 2013 I must fight for my belt and , championship title in the heavyweight category. My goal will not change and my closest fights must help me realize that goal.


I'm training patience and I'm planing the changes


foto: Przemysław Madejski

Instead of training in the ring, I am training patience and plan change. I want to have more influence on how to plan my further career. I have a few ideas for my life which I would like to make reality. My last three years in USA were successful.  Right now I would like to make many changes which allow me to have a larger influence in the decision making. I am putting 2-3 years into the ring and I would like to use that time wisely. I need about two more weeks to present my own sport plans. I will surely enter the ring in early spring to remind the fans of myself. The fact that I am busy with organizing doesn't stop me from training in New Jersey. My trainer gave me a training plan and I execute it religiously. During a break between training I go to Lake Placid for some skiing to strengthen my legs. I am also not denying Polish organizations, when they ask for participation in charity events.


foto: Przemysław Madejski

I received good news from Poland, that my internet page was voted the best in 2011 in the athlete category. I will receive a trophy and a certificate.  Everything will happen thanks to my friends but first and foremost thanks to the fans that voted for me. I don't always have time to constantly update on what is new with me. But when I have a free moment and something new comes up I make sure to let everyone know. I know that many fans write in my guest book and ask for updates. Thanks again to all the fans that made the win possible. 

  link : http://www.polskiinternet.org.pl/



In the shadows of a boxing legend

photo: Jacek Boczarski

Today, January 17th 2012, the boxing world is reminiscing Muhammad Ali's fights. Today he is an idol to many people and he is celebrating his 70th birthday. I wish him the best health because in his case that is what is most important. Today he is sick and quiet and must depend on help from family. The whole world is wishing him a happy birthday today and is thinking about the unforgettable fights. When I started to box I quickly noticed everything that stood for him and how known he is in the boxing world. Back then, Zbigniew Pietrzykowski was my idol. He had to be my idol because at the beginning of his career he fought Casus Clay, meaning Muhammad Ali later on.It was one thing to hear about Pietrzykowski's successes in the ring and another to fight like him in the ring. I will not repeat his or Ali's successes because today is not that time. It is true that every once in a while boxers of class and high skill come around and reign in the rings. They are examples to follow. Following both of my idols I have achieved a lot. Winning world titles in two categories are important but I have one more goal I want to achieve.


World title in the third weight category, heavyweight, although it seems unrealistic. After losing to Kliczko, I realized that the first thing to do was not to cross that off my list. There are boxers who wanted to achieve multiple goals like mine but didn't stick to it. Can I do it? The answer will have to come in 2013. Right now I have to train, no matter what chances they give me for the title. Today I must talk about my experience with Ali. On 6/28/2010 in Chicago I received the beautiful Muhammad Ali Award. I received it being the first Polish man to receive it in 36 years. The award is for athletes that show Ali's characteristics in sports as well as everyday life. I couldn't forget that on his 70th birthday. His daughter Jamilah Ali handed me the belt which meant just as much to me. I returned the favor and gave her a traditional Polish goral belt from Zakopane. I saw a lot of joy in her eyes, she never knew she would be giving someone an award in her father's honor. At the same time Ali received a goral belt without fighting in the ring.


photo: Jacek Boczarski

Today I have more good news. I received good news from Poland, that my website is in the finals of the Polish Internet contest. I was invited to Wroclaw for the announcement of the winner but unfortunately I can't make it during that time. I am sharing this information since it is because of my fans that I made it that far. This is the link for the contest: http://www.polskiinternet.org.pl/
Everything points to the page working for what it was meant to do, connect the fans. I created it with a few people that I can name, Mike Gladysz, who operates the camera throughout my boxing adventures. Marta Kossecka Rawicz who writes articles and translates my blogs, Przemysław Madejski who cares for the technical aspects and Stanislaw Skrzynski who cares for the whole. All of them working together gives a great result since I've had almost two and a half million visits to my page in nearly two years. Sometimes I think about how much they all mean in documenting my sporting career. How many moments were able to be captured by a camera or words. Everything we do is not comparable to other media. I know that the web page is our fan's first hand source. I value reporters and boxing specialists on boxing portals. All of this helps me with what I do every day. I thank everyone that documents my life and is there to do it later on. I thank the fans for being interested in me. If the page wins, it will be for all of us.
A few words about training. I came back from my second time from St. Louis. Everything I did was pretty interesting. Now I have to spend a few days at home as I am coming closer to making decisions. I have to know when, where and with who I will step into the ring. Slowly we're looking for an opponent with whom I can start the year off right. A few more weeks and there will be details.



Merry Christmas


The Christmas tree is up and smells of holidays foods and cake are coming from the kitchen. Christmas Eve we spent with family and Christmas day was spent among friends. Later a family trip to Lake Placid to ski and for the New Year. We will welcome the New Year in American mountains instead of Poland. After that we will return to Kearn and prepare for my trip to St. Louis.  I made plans with Roger Bloodworth for January 5th. That's how our closest plans are looking. What will happen with me after that is a big question mark. On December 18th I was with Ziggy Rozalski in New York and we received little statues. Ziggy was recognized as the best promoter in New York and I for professional boxing in New York.  



Other people in the gala were known boxers, managers and promoters. There was time to talk about the past and the imminent future. The most interesting conversations were with known promoters and managers, during these conversations there were propositions of working together to organize fights. I hope that the first fight I will have will be in March at a gala in New York. It is important that I become know in USA and my fight can give fans a good show. This meeting gave me much satisfaction and introduced us to many important people. 


One thing is for sure in 2012, I want to prove in the ring that although time has passed I am ready to compete for the HW belt. I believe that the next time everything will go according my thoughts. We will achieve this by training hard and also by hard work of the whole team. After my loss with Kliczko I verified many things and will make sure not to make the same mistakes again. I weigh about 102kg which indicated that I have put on some muscle and that matters in this weight class. 

  I have recently received many letters for my birthday and for Christmas. I want to thank everyone very much from Poland and from all over the world for the kind words. My contact with Poland is phone calls, skype and watching the news on the internet. I was very sad to hear about Jerzy Kulej's health. He has always wished him well and I wish that he gets well very quickly. Box in Poland without him would be very different. I believe that he will still continue to commentate my fights. I want to thank the media for following my career and for showing my fights. Reports with who I almost have daily contact with know how difficult it is to reach a high level in this sport. I thank all the reporters for writing about my fights so vividly and also for reaching those fans that can't take part in my fights directly during the galas. I thank my fans for all the posts on my web page and on other forums on the internet. I know that amongst biased posts from boxing experts there are posts from fans to whom no rules apply. They don't like boxers from Poland for that reason but not enough to stop what they are doing. I want to wish all people from Poland well and especially those from my home, Gilowice. I wish everyone a wonderful and peaceful Christmas and for everything to be better than it was, in the new year. 



St. Louis - second edition

From December 5th I will be training again in St. Louis. A short family vacation in Aruba and a birthday spent in Lake Placid, were my only few days of getting away from training. I swam a lot and ran on the beach in Aruba. In Lake Placid I strengthened my legs by skiing. Roger Bloodworth prepared another plan full of training to strengthen me.The trainings are supposed to enhance my balance and my ability to keep my position while fighting. Strength training should help the power of my hits. All this will come with time, no need to hurry. Some elements of European boxing we need to keep working on. I am promising a lot to myself after these work outs so that I can give different hits and have a better defense. My left i working very well but I have to work on my aim. I have to hi the aimed target more often. I have to shorten my distance and feel it out, this is a very important part of boxing. During training the trainer often shows me how other boxers have used these techniques.He often shows me Hollyfield's fights and talks about his style of fighting. He often stresses that my natural born tendencies and my knowledge later allow me to win fights in the ring. Training ends Wednesday and I will go home to be with my family and to prepare for the holidays. In the last few weeks there were many big boxing events. There was no leaving out shocking losses in fights at the top. Im happy that after a long fight Krzysztof Diablo Wlodarczyk beat the Australian Greene. That fight reminded me of my big battles with Briggs. I congratulate Diablo on his win on the Australian's turf. I was let down by Helenius who was a promising opponent for the Kliczko brothers. I was sad to hear the news of Pawel Wolak ending his career. Box is mixed with a lot of different emotions, not always know to the boxing fans. After the training ends my whole team will start making plans for the future. I am counting on three fights in 2012, which will bring me closer to my second chance at winning the title. The trainer and promotor will have a lot to speak about regarding this matter. 


Training in Saint Louis

I was quiet for a long time but now it is time for another portion of information about my plans for the future. After I came back from Poland I had to rest for a week because I had gotten sick while I was there.  A rich program during my stay including traveling many miles, meeting with Las Vegas reps had to all go on despite my physical condition. Today I am spending the day at a soccer match in Lodz and going to the Monster Truck events in Wroclaw. While in Warsaw I also met up with Maciek Krasnodebski because he asked me to as well as the Make a Wish foundation. I know that for him meeting me was a big dream come true and even though it happened last minute, with the help of many friends we made it happen and he will remember it forever. Maciek, being a young boxing fan, cheered me on through my fights in the ring and after meeting him in Warsaw will cheer him on to full health.



Since Friday, November 4th I will be near St. Louis, where I was training with Roger Bloodworth. Link: http://www.google.pl/search?q=saint+louis+usa&hl=pl&biw=1280&bih=553&prmd=imvns&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=75K6Tvb8Hq304QTwqKinCA&sqi=2&ved=0CDYQsAQ


A small town called Green Carbon right by St. Louis is my trainers home. He knows the local gyms here very well since he trained not only one boxer in this area. Going to train in St. Louis means a lot to both of us. I, being far from my family can concentrate on my training. Throughout this time we will be discussing our training details and executing the next phases of the planned activities. Today, after a few days of training I have to say that the trainer surprised me. We trained and as we were training we were discussing and he is showing me the mistakes I made in my earlier fights.  He showed me writings about my previous fights on the computer. This way he shows me what I have to learn and how to present myself in the ring better. The work outs for the next two weeks have a goal of perfecting my technique in the ring. I am happy with how we are directly addressing my flaws and working on them in the ring. I have to work on my technique but not my speed. I wasn't quick enough in the ring with Kliczko but we know the causes of that. We made a few mistakes in the preparation for the fight in Wrocław. For example having adequate time to get used to the time difference in Poland. Now before a fight in Poland I will be sure to spend a whole training cycle in Poland. I noticed that the day of the fight my disposition was not ideal. After returning from St. Louis I am taking a vacation with my family to Aruba, since the fight with Kliczko did not allow us for an earlier vacation. After vacation its back to St. Louis for a photoshoot for Bloodworth's academy. We are going to sit down next year to organize the fighting schedule.  I hope we can organize fights that are interesting for both me and my fans. We will include a fight in Poland. All these fights have to give me ranking fights so I can be in line for the HW championship.  Im happy that Polish boxers are placed high in the rankings in some federations. More and more Polish fighters are fighting at galas organized in USA. There will be constant development of Polish boxing even during these tough economic times. 



Traveling in Poland

I have been realizing the program put together in Poland by our new sponsor, Las Vegas for the past 10 days. I was in Lodz for LKS match against Podbeskidzie Bielsko Biala, where I had a chance to meet many boxing fans. I also met up with a big LKS fan, Marcin Gortat who proposed a sports rivarly between us. We had a penalty goal contest. I guarded the goal first and Marcin threw in the ball and then we switched roles. In the second round I beat Marcin and won the penalty shot contest. There was also drum playing and warm ups from both teams prior to the game. Marcin and I were giving out autographs late into the night. The next day I was in Wroclaw taking part in Monster Truck contests at the local stadium Therefore I was back where i had the fight with Kliczko for a short period of time. Some memories came back but very briefly because my schedule for the day was very full. Contact with the fans at the stadium allowed for an exchange of opinions about the event the fight. On Sunday and Monday I was in my family home in Gilowice. The next day I drove my Infiniti FX35 3D across Poland up North to Sopot. There, I had a photo session and filming for three days for our sponsor's commercials. On Saturday it's back to Warsaw for more meetings. I lived through the Bemowo airport, where I played driver of the rides. 


Today I am leaving for Kolonia, where I will take part in a party. On Thursday, October 13th I will be back in Warsaw for more meetings with the media. On Friday, October 14th in the afternoon I am flying to USA. During my free time I see whats going on on the internet. i found out about Grzegorz Prosky's great fight which won him the Mr. Europe title. I congratulate Grzegorz for getting that title and urge him to go after the World title. He has potential to be the best and has a unique style of fighting. My thinking about boxing will finally get some rest once I get to USA. One thing is for sure that I want to fight for a second time for the world title in the heavyweight division. With who I will fight and what course I will have to take will be discussed among team Adamek throughout time. I'm sure details of our arrangements will come out. Another try at the heavyweight title is the only logical consequence of what I lived through in Wroclaw. Boxing fans supported me very well mentally. I received many heart felt letters and thousands of people signed onto my website. Through the course of two weeks, more than 120 thousand fans visited my page. There was so much positive writing on the website and in the letters. That helped me get through the aftermath of the fight with Witalij. On the webpage I have received the following good news. I found out that my webpage was nominated for one of the best web pages on the internet. Today I found out that thanks to my fans who voted for me I won the first edition of the contest in the athlete category. The amount of votes I received greatly surpassed the amount other athletes had received.  

Link for the first stage of the contest:

: http://polskiinternet.org.pl/2edycjaglosowanie_strona_wynikowa.php

Now until October 28th is voting for the second phase :


I am counting on you guys and please vote for my page! If I win there is a chance that I will be back in Wroclaw in 2012 to receive the prize statue. 


Tomasz Adamek in Poland

First steps and first interviews at the Mariott hotel at the airport.

At the airport he gave interviews to Polsat and Orange TV stations. He also took part in a Newseek interview which will be up on Monday. 

After the intervews he got into his Infiniti FX 30 d and went to Poland. Today he will be in Lodz at around 6pm watching a soccer match betwen LKS Lodz vs. Bielsko Biala. At the match he will met up with Mracin Gortat.  After the match Tomek will be on his way to Wroclaw. 

Tomorrow Tomek will be at the Monster Jam party which will be in the Wroclaw stadium. Along with the driver, Krzysztof Holowczyc  he will be in the PITSTOP and will take part in the festivities. 

Sunday and Monday he will be in his Gilowice with his family. 

On Tuesday he will be in Gdynia and Sopot where he will film a commercial and have a photo shoot for Las Vegas. 

On Saturday he will be in Warsaw at a club party as well as interviews for the media. Next month he will be in Germany. 

More details coming soon. 



I Lost to world champion

Photo: Oliwia Skrzyńska

I lost against the world champion, Witalij Kliczko. His hit in the second round on mynear lasted the whole fight. He paralyzed my legs and arms. In this situation o wanted to slowly rebuild myself in the next rounds. This wasn't easy because Witalij was constantly attacking me and did not give me a second to breathe. He said he would do this during the press conference and he blocked a way for me to gain safe distance. He was surprised that I did not fall on the floor boards. The third round was me slowly regaining consciousness and protecting myself. After the  third round Roger Bloodworth told me that after that blow it won't be easy to regain my strength.  Those words worked for me. In the next two rounds I was aggressive but I was not as fast as I could be. The next rounds were just hope that I would regain my strength and I would be myself. In this situation there was no magical advice in the corner. I was so weakened by the next blows that I couldn't match him in any elements. That evening Witalij was quick and effective. Tactically he unwounded a great fight. It was evident that he prepared for fast Adamek. I read critics' writings that that was his most effective fight in his whole career. The magic disposition of the day had worked. I allowed myself to not pay attention in the second round and that caused me to lose my asset, my speed. It's not then training or bad tactic, it's my fault for letting my guard down in the second round. After that blow in the ring we saw a totally different Adamek than we have seen in other fights. I was angry at myself that I let down my fans. Such a beautiful sporting arena, thousands of fans and a great atmosphere and we created a huge crowd. Fans expectations were different, they counted on small Adamek to match the huge Witalij. When Kliczko fell to then floor in the 8th round, there was an explosion in the stadium. The fans waited and got what they came for, too bad it wasn't right after a hit. Tired and dissapointed I could only put my head down and leave the ring. The fight with Witalij surprisingly only left slightly torn skin. Today there isn't much left of that because lotions make it go away quickly. My nose is still here and I do not have any contusions. My gums are a little torn inside my mouth which gets in the way of me eating and talking. After such a war in the ring I left healthy and with hope to return and fight for the title again. 


To my beloved fans.


I know how much hope I have awakened in you. Everyone needs success in their lives. I thank you for being with me through the good and through the bad. I read thousands of letters and posts at the airport in Warsaw. I appreciate that through the bad times you gave me a lot of support on my website. I appreciated you for that and still do. For my anti fans I reassure you that money was not the most important aspect of this fight. I promised my countrymen a fight in Poland over a year ago. Now after the first championship fight was organized in Poland I can say that it was worth coming to Wroclaw. I know that before and after the fight Worclaw hosted thousands of my fans. The party was never ending. This was the biggest sporting event in boxing in history. A great stadium, a good atmosphere, the cheers will be remembered by everyone that came to Wroclaw from all over the world. I know that there were people from USA, Canada, Australia, England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany and many more others. It was them along with fans from Gdansk, Szczecznie, Wroclaw, Eblag, Slask and other regions that cheered me on with all their strength. I thank you for everything. Boxing fans from over 140 countries gathered in front of the tv. Our statistics show that over 70 million people watched the fight. We know that not everyone could watch when the organizers for the first Polish transmission to be through the PPV system. This is new in Poland but it has to be accepted with many more new things coming to Poland. 



Photo: Oliwia Skrzyńska

I am richer in experience since yesterday. While we were flying to USA on a Polish airline, the plane got sent back to Poland for an airplane emergency. I don't have to add that we survived when the flight attendant told us to put on our seat belts and put on the oxygen mask. We went back thinking about our lives and me losing ti Witalij is a never ending episode. For a few hours of the flight we explored options of landing in Norway. The flying plane had to lose some fuel and that all took time. We received approval for returning to Poland for an emergency landing. We hope to leave today without any problems. My wife flew on a different airplane and will soon be landing in USA. It is worth remembering that life and health are most important. Dreams have this that they can come true the first or the second time around. hope dies last. It is important that everyday we save those assets which make us good. Adamek will return to the ring and will build back up after Kliczko. I am not concerned with People that talk badly about me, because as long as I have fans that support me it is worth it to do everything that I planned for myself and promised boxing fans. We will meet again to reminisce about Wroclaw. I will be back in Poland soon and then will be time to talk about my further plans in the heavyweight class. 


Photo: Oliwia Skrzyńska


Weight, weight does not equal


I am losing the weigh in again and I was supposed to be at least 100 kg. My opponent was 12 kg more than I was. My skimpy 98 kilograms is the same result that I got from other weigh in ceremonies. If I stabilized my weight for such a long time that may also mean that my speed in the ring has to be the same. Witalij has more physical attributes, longer arms, more weight and a heavier blow. My small attributes are younger age, speed and my technique. Will that be enough? I wouldn't agree to a fight unless I thought I had a chance in it. That was a good decision, I did not want to wait any longer until I reached 110 kg.



I have to win with the attributes that I have, other ones I will have to look for in the actual fight. I feel great, getting used to being here went fine, I will go into the ring healthy and ready to win. I am not reading anymore online posts on the internet about my chances to win, no one is able to foresee how the fight will go. Today's weigh in and the presence of numerous reporters made an impression. My close friends came to see me and among them was "little" Marcin Gortat. I found out during conversation that many people believe in my chances, among them were Lukas Podolski and Slawek Szmal. Everything is going according to plan. The gloves have been picked, the rest of the outfit is waiting in the closet. A Funky Polak track is going to accompany me to the ring. There will be two flags, American and Polish, carried in front of team Adamek. I have promoters from USA, I am fighting under an American license for years, I have American trainers, I have a green card, I have lived in USA for years so we have decided that there will be two flags, just like in the Prudential Center. Today I also saw many people that came here from USA especially for the fight. Tomorrow after 11 it is the end for words and we will let our hands talk. May the better man win. I believe that it will be me. Thank you for everyone's support.





There are only three days left until the fight with Witalij. The week spent in Poland should have let me get accomodated. Unfortunatlry constant new business doesn't allow me to be bored. The auction in Wiazowa went well and a significant amount was collected for the hospice. Later a few days spent in Gilowice allowed me to catch my breath. On Sunday I am spending the day in peace and quiet far away from Wroclaw. The beautiful area with woods and lakes gives a freshness after the long training in USA. On Monday I was at a press conference during which Witalij was surprised that I did not train for the fight in Zakopane. I'm sure he would rather have me trade my peace in Bushkill for walks in Krupowka and hot tea. I hope that the people of Zakopane understand my choice. I go to Zakopane often but mostly as a tourist. Logically, training in USA was easier to do when we look at sparring partners, which USA does not lack. Today was another trip to Wroclaw and a training in the gallery allowed the presentation of many boxing elements. Of course after stepping out into the ring today it is hard for me to say what my chances are against Witalij. He juggled balls and jumped rope, doing anything not to show his preparation for Adamek. That's how it always is before a fight. After the training I met with Archbishop Henry Gulbinowicz, who earlier invited me for a conversation and a prayer before the fight. Now again among the tight Adamek Team group, far away from Wroclaw we are breathing in fresh air at the lake and are looking for the golden fish. I want to tell it my wishes before the Saturday fight. On Friday we are going to Wroclaw again for a weigh in ceremony. The day after that on September 10th the fight of a lifetime with Witalij.  I put time aside everyday to look at the entries by fans on my website. Thenk you for all your support. Posts from all over the world show that boxing knows no borders. I am happy that most of the fans on Saturday will be supporting me. Many people bought clothes in the online store as if to show even moew who they came to support. The atmosphere will be great and even today we have to remember that creating a huge viewing crowd will be remembered in history for many reasons. I am thinking here of the many boxers that will come out that evening to have the matches of their lives. I feel a little unwell because I am isolated from the outside world but only two more days and I will be back to my normal life. The road to normality leads to the ring in Wroclaw. I believe also that this is the road to winning as well. I wish all the fans all over the world well  and I invite everyone to watch the fight in the Wroclaw stadium. It will be worth it.



Strong impression from Bushkill

In a week is the last training in Bushkill. After that, quick packing and a flight to Poland. September 1st  I  will be landing in the Chopin airport in Warsaw to fly to Krakow. Its unreal how quickly the past few weeks of training have went by. I left a lot of sweat and hard work in that beautiful place. With the hard physical training came hard psychological training as well. A few days ago I lived through my first earthquake. I was sitting in my room and all of a sudden I started shaking in my room. For a few seconds my trainer and I did not know what was going on. Siedziałem w pokoju i nagle zacząłem się trząść na krześle. We ran outside the hotel and there was a small group of people already standing there. There was shock, like after a hard hit in the ring. There is a difference though that a hit in the ring hurts but we here there was psychological effect, which will prepare me for Witalij.

The Grant company made special shoes and gloves for me.



A few weeks ago I hosted representatives from the company who measured my hands and feet. The shoes and gloves match the colors of Team Adamek clothes. I had first tests of the equipment in the ring. I hope that my new shoes will carry me far in the ring. I am very satisfied with my training, eveb though it was long it did not tire me out or bore me. I think that I could train like that more. Roger Bloodworth thinks that I gained a new level of kill because of how long I trained for. I have tactical training and everything goes through my head before I do itToday I can say that I can go into the ring with more confidence and experience. It is important how I will get accustomed to Poland. Planners of the gala already organized for us to do a training for the media, a press conference and a weigh in ceremony a day before the fight. It turns out that the tickets for the fight almost all got sold. Also air time for the fight was sold to hundreds of TV stations throughout the world. The size of the gala makes me realize that this is a world class event. The fight with Witalij proves to raise more and more people’s interests. Many reporters may complain that I do not have time for press conferences or photo shoots. Forgive me, but for this fight I must put myself in full concentration and have some rest. I apologize that I am not that available before the fight. The press conference should be enough for those who still have unanswered questions. I know that September 10th is a fight of a lifetime for em and I do not want to ruin that chance. Witalij does complement me in the media but at the same time he says he will not let me win. The ring will show our chances and see who prepared more. No matter the outcome I know that this fight will go down in boxing history book for many reasons. We will see exactly for what reasons on the day of the fight. In sports as well as in life everything will happen on its own ending in success. Poland must finally have a World Champion in the heavyweight class. This title belongs to boxing fans, trainers and the boxers and should serve as a motivation. I thank those fans coming to cheer us on and also those that will be watching on tv. When I look online I see that I have more and more supporters. That’s another reason why I cannot let my fellow countrymen down. Soon I will have 2 million visitors to my web page. This is also an interest in what I do everyday. I hope to say something before the fight if I have time for a new pos. Thank you for all your support and what will be done with the fight will be decided afterwards.




Additionally we are attaching an article below about a charity event:


On September 1st there will be a charity gala in Otwocek.



There will be a lottery where people will be able to win some things that belonged to Tomasz Adamek. Items such as shorts, a robe, gloves, two shirts and autographed photos. The main prize is a ticket to Adamek’s fight with Witalij. The event organizer, Malgorzata Kupiszewska does not leave out that Tomasz Adamek may be present at the event if he can find some free time from training. Also the legendary boxer, Jerzy Kulej was also invited.

In the artistic program people can find works by Krystyna Bochenek and Hanna Lewandowicz. A piano recital from the Teatr Wielki and the Opera Narodowa with Malgorzata Piszek who will be accompanied by Jakub Piszek and Paulina Chodkowska as well as Joanna Stefanska- Matraszek and Robert Szpregla, there will be a concert from "Laskowski Band". Actor Stanislaw Gorka will have a contest where people can win certain paintings by Polish artists. It will begin at 6:00 pm and the tickets are 150 PLN.


The last three weeks of training

There is a lot going on in Bushkill but not much makes it outside. In the perfect atmosphere two sparring partners try to defeat me in the ring. Many rounds and changes of sparring partners and realizing my next tactical moves. I watched Witalij's fights online. In the background of a training arena in Austria there is a huge LCD TV and the Adamek-Banks fight. Only this way I can see my good and bad attributes. I made my own style accustomed to my physical capabilities. It can be seen that Witalij did not look for sparring partners such as Adamek, he was satisfied by watching my fight. In Bushkill we have our ring fights and afterwards we relax at the pool or go for a relaxing run in the mountains. I am very satisfied with my sparrings but I have to admit that Roger Bloodworth surprised me by choosing a third sparring partner. I expected that after two really tall giants there would be another huge guy with huge shoulders. Instead there was a smaller boxer who was barely 140 cm but had great ability. He puts on his gloves and fights me with the hope of becoming a champion one day. In a picture next to Deontay Wilder and Malik Scott he presents himself promisingly. In one word one more joined the three musketeers, he's smaller but without him it would not be the same. The trainer says that Malik Junior Scott will be a great fighter, just like his father.


There is no lack of action around here but my hectic training schedule forbids contact with the media.  Last week we spent a couple of days with the German television RTL, which will be showing our fight. There were photos in the gym, in the pool, in the mountains as well as in our hotel apartment. The Germans were very satisfied after we showed them out culinary talents.  We cook for ourselves everyday and specially prepared fish was very well liked by the RTL crew. This way in promoting the fight to Germany i played two roles, of a fighter and a chef. Unfortunatley, despite my hard training I have gained weight and weigh an even 100 kg. This shows that the past weeks had a significant effect on me. I gained more of the muscles that I will use in the ring. There is an opinion that little Adamek grew a little and is a little more like the heavy fighter. We hear from Poland that the building of the stadium is getting close to being finished and there are not many tickets left. My guests entries online also make me happy. Ones write "you must win" and others write "you will surely win!". There are also those who don't believe in me winning. There is one big gala on the way though because there are names of boxers who will be in Wroclaw. There is a huge chance that there will be unforgettable fights to watch. From the list of fans we can see that people are coming to see the fight from all over the world, from Australia, USA, Canada, Ireland, Germany, Great Britain and other countries. A huge group of Polish people want to go to Wroclaw to sign the guest sheet. They write to me that they are making shirts, scarves and flags. The words of Funky Polak's song, which I will be entering the ring to, sound like the national anthem. This shows that the setting of the world far from Bushkill is very excited. Today I though that since I have to be in Poland on September 1st, there are only 3 weeks left of training in USA. I will soon greet Poland and my last week will be devoted to relaxing. 


Ufff, it's so hot....

In Bushkill, where I live and train during the hot days. Today its 104 degrees in the shade. On days like this instead of daily running I chose intense swimming for 45 miutes.

Roger Bloodworth decided that running in this weather would not be good for my body. Probably because I would get very dehydrated. With swimming I don't have that risk. I pour enough sweat out during training and additionaly during sparring. Malik Scott, my first sparing partner is doing very well. He tries very hard because he wants to aid the preparations for my battle with Witalij in the ring. On Jluy 19th I was in New York for a press conference.

HBO organized the conference and it was located in their studio. Three years ago I decided to go to USA because only there I could count on the fast growth of my boxing career. I mentioned back then what role HBO played in my career and I believe that HBO shows my biggest fights. Unrealistic dreams may also come true. Three years ago if someone would have asked me if I would be a heavyweight fighter and box against Kliczko, I wouldn't have known what to say. Now three years later I am where I wanted to be with much that I learned in the ring. At HBO Kliczko was friendly and there was no sight of the stare of the master. He was convinced that little Adamek made a mistake by going into the heavyweight. What could I have said to Witalij? That I have to gain weight to match him in weight and buy platform shoes to match him in height? I have to win and show him that a small man can win a lot. I am beginning to notice more and more positives about my weight and height. I assure you that it will be Witalij that has a problem with little Adamek. I am thinking that when I attack him with a series of hits he will try to "hug me" Just as Kevin McBride did. He will see protection for himself in a clench and create an opportunity for himself to free up his right hit when he frees up his hold. Clenches kill the show in the ring and the audience does not like them. For me a clench from Witalij is making hits to the torso and head more difficult. I have to avoid clenches and shorten my distance. My goal is simple, Give more hits than Witalij and win more rounds in the eyes of the judges. A big prt is going to be choosing the ring judge, who will reside over the ring rules. I am sure that everything that depends on me I will execute perfectly. Witalij never fought with a fighter like me and the critics also pointed that out. I am not going to comment on my chances presented in the media. I know that I have a chance to win the belt and I will not waste it. Boxing fans share the same opinion. 30 thousand tickets were sold and there are 50 days until the fight. Fans tell me that they bought shirts and flags for their cars from the store on this website:

http://www.adamekteam.pl/group/nowosci , by the company Dirty Ray. I am still receiving letters from all over the world with advice on how to beat Witalij. I also received a letter from a press officer in Afghanistan. Polish soldiers stationed in Ghana want to connect with me before the fight via skypeAfghani mountains and mine in Wroclaw. Mani people are asking for photographs with autographs which I cannot do. Time for autographs will come in Wroclaw but right now it is time for full concentration and using any free moment to relax after training. It is important that I am in good health. And now it is time to swim...


Month training behind me now

Time goes by quickly, a month of my intense training has already gone by. I'm not going to name every exercise that Tyler Woodman and Roger Bloodworth recommended for me. Lifting a lot of metal and pouring out gallons of sweat is typical of my training. The goal is simple, to strengthen my arm, leg and abdominal muscles. I'm not going to be describing new interesting exercises, which kicked my butt. I want to tell everyone that I am still alive and I want to continue my training, more boxing oriented training. That training we will begin on July 9th in Bushkill located in the Poconos Mountains where we will stay until the end of August. Last Saturday and Sunday we had a weekend free of training. There were a few reasons why. My wife and kids spent the weekend at Lake George with Ziggy Rozalski's family and I invited the trainers my friends over to watch the Haye vs. Kliczko fight. It was a good idea to watch it and exchange comments as the fight went on. And here is a surprise the fight was like medicine. From both sides during the fight there was not too many blows and fight was at half distance the whole time. We got used to Wladimir's style of fighting pretty quickly but David was supposed to show a way to beat the Ukranian giant. Instead he showed his small hurt finger and that was after the fight. That's not what boxing fans expected. David's hits were not getting him closer to his goal and his attempts at coming to half distance ended in him falling on the floorboards or with his head under Wladimir's arm. Since the weight difference David felt what it is like to fight with such giants. I know a little about this since my fight with Grant or McBride. You have to accept then that their physical advantage is on their side. You can only outweigh that with tactic, quickness and the amount of hits. Hunting for David for one hit and focusing on defense is not enough to win the fight. I am convinced that the third round was significant in the fight. There were strong hits from both sides. Wladimir had a cut under his eye and David met Wladimir's strength in his hit which landed on David's head. Later the whole time they felt respect for each other and didn't want to risk fighting at a distance. In the following rounds when David was defending and had tremendous balance Wladimir was going after him like a hunter after his prey. In the fifth round Wladimir was close to beating David but thanks to balancing himself on the ropes he defended himself.  In the last round everything halted but that was to keep the fans interested. David didn't use his attributes and lost the belt. Wladimir didn't get 50 KO on his opponent but in turn he won the belt. Even though there were not a lot of hits given everything happened at a quick tempo. The excellent physical preparation was evident from both fighters. Many interesting observations came up as we watched the fight.  And it does not matter that Witalij fights different than his brother. Style of the Kliczko brothers has many similarities, keeping a safe distance will play a large role even in my fight. Will I be able to overcome this in Wroclaw? I will wait for the answer until August 10th. I feel that now that David had lost many fans hope that I can beat Witalij. I have been reading what boxing experts and fans have been saying and I am not the favorite in this fight. This motivates me in my training. I can reassure everyone today that I will fight more seriously than David Haye. Trainers and I went over basic tactical training.  Sparrings in the Poconos will for sure be very interesting. For now my health is good but something can always happen during training. Boxing is a hard sport and a style of life but no one told me that it was going to be easy. It's important that at the stadium in Wroclaw green grass appeared. This a sign that the building work will be finished in time. Many people are asking me about buying the tickets and despite the good information people can't buy them on the internet. Thank you for the letters and for writing on my web page. Go read the advice on how to beat Witalij.  Will I remember all this and be able to use it in the ring? There are more questions without answers. The time for answers will be on August 10th, I invite everyone today, to meet in Wroclaw and celebrate the win in which no one believes in.


Beginning of the road to Wroclaw


Tomorrow we are starting strength training with Tyler Woodman, he prepared a new set of excercises for me. I spent the last few days with Ziggy and with friends at Alexander lake between Canada and USA. My rest at the lake was an end for my vacation which I will not have this year. Everything is organized to realize my biggest dream. The world title in the third weight category will not suddenly appear, it has grown on me for a few years. You have to have a set goal in your life as well as dreams.  Once I complete one goal another one arises. This makes me feel complete. All these goals are a result of talking with trainers, with Ziggy or others that are close to me. A clear goal is a big calling and the road that leads to the ring in Wroclaw has to be followed with the right training.



Witalij Kliczko, the world champion and the holder of the WBC belt will defend the title and the belt on Polish land. There is some symbolism in all of this. I attained my first world title belt in USA also from the WBC federation, but seemed to me that I did not have the right to do it in a ring.  The belts that I gained after that were almost like ring routine and I got used to the transitions into new weight classes. After each decision I got supported as well as criticism. I changed promoters, trainers and places of residence in order to evolve and attain my goals. It wasn't always easy but can boxing be easy when you have opponents throwing blows at you? The one that wins is better, or rather has more blows. Sometimes the amount of hits doesnt matter as much as the one knock out hit. I always want to give a big show in the ring because that is what the fans want to see.




I have always said that a short and brutal fight is not accepted by boxing fans. Then nasty comments always appear, especially towards the losing fighter. Going into the ring I am never sure that I am going to win but I always tell myself that I want to win and that is most important. My own psychological standing and believing in winning is a huge aid and I can't get that from a psychologist. Yesterday I was at HBO where I had many promotional photos taken. Among the conversation I was reassured that in a month our fight can be watched on HBO. This will be the last promotional meeting, and a lot points to that the tickets will be difficult to obtain.

I have received many letters from my fans, for which I am very thankful. Some ask for autographs and gadgets. I have written about this before that I do not have the technical means or time to send thousands of autographs to Poland and USA. I give out autographs and photos during meetings with fans. I would like to thank Andrzej Tomaszewski, who sent me a great musical piece. In his letter he names the people that have worked on it: Diego -  (Adamek Promo) production: Freez Beatz skrecze: DJ Teak . I ask that you please post this music on the internet so that everyone can become familiar with your talent.  I also received a new caricature from Mariusz Bialoblocki drawn by Kazimierz Drapiewski a graphic artist from Namyslowo. Everything shows that I am building a strong psyche for my upcoming fight.  Its good to know that thousands of Polish fans await my success, no matter their place of residence.


Tickets are available

First of all I would like to thank everyone who took part in organizing our stay in Poland. Special thanks to Infinity Polska Sp. z.o.o which lent me a car for my stay in Poland and in Germany, an Infinity M37.



Thanks to the organizers of the press conference and the present reporters. Thanks to the media, boxing fans were able to have live footage on the planned fight. Special thanks also to a company in Wroclaw, SMG and the city authorities did everything so that the conference went well. We had many interviews but we did not get a chance to have a one on one with every reporter. Now we have another press conference scheduled in New York in July.

I had plans to come back to Warsaw for a couple of days but due to crucial medical testings before the fight I have to postpone my visit. After my week long stay in Poland and a weekend spent at Lake George I feel slightly sick and I must have caught some virus. Today online ticket sales began in Poland and in Germany. The promoters said that after one day there is a huge interest. Links for the tickets:




  Yesterday turned on my computer and received mail after not having Internet for a week. I received a lot of advice from boxing fans about the fight with Witalij. I know that thousands of emails and letters do not change my circumstances. At the end of the day I will be in the ring alone and will have to fight for the belt and the title myself. I have good news for boxing fans, my first meeting with Witalij I will remember as a pleasant one. There was mutual respect and the meeting was elegant. When I looked into his eyes I knew everything would be okay. It's strange that Solisow avoided his stare begin afraid of being paralyzed during the press conference. I'm sure that we are going in the ring with him to prove by sport rules who is on a higher level. Boxing fans have different opinions as to my chances against Witalij. All think we each have our assets but most are favoring Witalij. What do I think? I say that in order to realize my dreams I have to win. Witalij said that he will not give me the belt without a fight. 




fot. Marek Sendek


In order to win I have to have these characteristics: wanting to win, quickness, good defense, being hard to hit, my condition, tactic, the right combination of hits and control of the fight. The disposition of the day, fans and other attributes may also play a big role. One thing is for sure, I am going into the fight knowing that Witalij is not as big as I thought. I have to say that Grant seemed much bigger in the ring. In Witalij I see long arms and legs but his torso gives anlesser effect than Grant. Now time  will come to put everything in it's place. Strength training, preparing my tactic, choosing the right sparring partners and coming to Poland 10 days before the fight. First five weeks of strength training will be organized with Rocky Marciano in New Jersey. Later we are going to Bushkill in the Poconos mountains, where all the details will be finalized. My Nutrition will be important as well as rest and massages. So far everything is going well. Do I have a chance to win? I will answer how Witalij answered at the press conference. Both of us already have a greater that 50% chance after going into the ring. We can raise our percentage by fighting round by round. it is up to us if we will be able to make a bigger percentage in fight in the ring. I am not counting on the judges to help me but I do ask that they are objective. There's a lot of time until the August fight and many things to be planned. Hopefully the builders will finish the stadium on time. I know that there are intense negotiations as to  the program of the fight in different weight categories at our gala. There will be Polish fighters but which ones is dependent on their skill of their promoters and organizers as well as managers. I hope that they are good fighters because many boxing fans throughout the world are looking forward to this fight.


First days spent in Poland

On may 20th I landed in Krakow with Ziggy Rozalski and Robert Piwowarczyk. Then I gave short interviews at the airport for the press and tv. Later we had dinner in the center of Krakow at a restaurant called "at Grandma Malina's" to which the owner of the restaurant, Robert Wasowicz, invited us. Robert is a huge boxing fan and tries to be at all of my fights. In the evening we drove off home to Gilowice. On saturday may 21st I invited my closest friends and family to a drive "under jelenie". There was dancing, talks about life and contests. I as always started dancing with my mother, who hasn't lost her moves even though she is 65 years old. There was also a traditional conga line that the guests have made. The main attraction of the evening was a roasted boar which was brought out on a cart by the waiters and was surrounded by artificial flames.

fot. Stanisław Skrzyński

fot. Stanisław Skrzyński

fot. Stanisław Skrzyński


On Sunday we went to Wroclaw to meet with my promoter, Katy Duva, who flew in from New York for the conference. Evening meetings and conversations with reporters filled up the evening. Yesterday I had a morning walk throughout the city, meeting with boxing fans in the streets of Wroclaw and preparations for the conference. I am very happy with how the conference went. There was a nice atmosphere without any media scandals. Kliczko expressed that he is happy that the soonest fight will be in the Wroclaw stadium. He said that he will not hand over the title and belt and it was very difficult to disagree with him. I said that in the ring I will do everything possible to make sure the belt will end up in my hands. He complemented me and pointed out my boxing assets. He knows that acknowledging his opponent will give him more success. By doing this he gave me more faith in myself. I know that on the day of the fight his attitude will be different, less friendly and more painful. He just did that to gain my sympathy.He knows that gaining an opponents acknowledgment is better than his judging and not noticing his accomplishments. Showing class to an opponent is always welcome and deserves a thank you. In a shirt exchange I thanked Witalij for all the nice words addressed at me. After the conference there was a group ride to the stadium in Wroclaw.The reactions to the site were great and the builders reassure us that everything will be done in time. In the evening more meetings and more conversations.Today there will be a similar program in Dreznie, where we will try to promote the fight throughout Germany. On Thursday we will fly back to New York

fot. Łukasz Furman

fot. Łukasz Furman

fot. Łukasz Furman

fot. Łukasz Furman

fot. Łukasz Furman

fot. Łukasz Furman


Questions and answers before the next fight

This is my request to authorize ms. Violetta karbanska.


I havent written in a long time but the Easter holidays, trips out of the city and affairs at home have taken up my free time. Last week I was invited to meet with an American Olympic Medalist in winter sports. I had an opportunity to create a close bond with medalists from Vancouver. This was a charity event organized by the new York Ski Educational Foundation in Loeb Boathouse restaurant in Central Park. The hosts that evening were well known American skiers and medalists, Bill Demong, Andrew Weibrecht, Peter Frenette and Tommyn Biesemeyer and a CBS star Rita Cosby led the evening. Throughout the evening we discussed the complexity of skiing in Lake Placid, where they often train and where Ziggy and we come at least  two times a year. The skiers cover their vision with a full body suit, e helmet and goggles. They said jokingly that it is much easier to spot me since I go to the ring wearing only shorts. After spending the evening together it is sure that I have a few new boxing fans and we will for sure meet in the winter on skis in Lake Placid. At the end they wished me good luck in fighting Vitali Klitschko for the world title.


In the silence of his home, my trainer Roger Bloodworth is working on many organizational issues. He reminded me that as a trainer he was in Wroclaw 12 years ago, when he assisted along with Ronie Shields and Lou Duva to Andrzej Golota in his fight with Tim Witherspoon. I stay in daily contact with Roger and I know that he is on the phase of watching wital's fights and finding for me appropriate sparring partners and establishing tactical details. We already know how my training will look before the august fight in Wroclaw.The first few weeks we will be in the gym in New Jersey and the second portion in Bushkill in the Poconos mountains where I prepared for the fight with McBride. Now I re,ain in constant motion, I play tennis, run exercise with my daughters  or train my arms with the Burn Machine. I dont swim and I don't do any weights, there will be time for that with the weight trainer, Tyler Woodman. Of course I cannot forget about the advice from my fans and boxing specialists from their letters.I'm sure there will be more of this advice since I am going to Poland. I hope for many gatherings and promoting events to promote the august fight. Many fans are writing to me and awaiting answers to questions such as when will the ticket sales start and where they will be sold. I cannot answer those questions because that is information restricted to the promoters and hopefully that information will become public soon. Sponsors have the same questions because they want to advertise at the gala. The organizers will also relay that information. Everything will be cleared up at the press conferences in Poland, Germany and USA




Happy Easter


My last obstacle

The future gala in Newark is the last obstacle before me. Now all that there is left is organizing the event and training before my fight with Kliczko. My fight with McBride gave me a lot of satisfaction from my tactics that I had talked about with my trainer. For the full twelve rounds I fought the fight how I wanted. I needed this fight to test my ability to receive blows and also to test my defense. The fans all saw what happened in the ring. I will remark about a few things that are important to me. First I discovered that the magical training place in Bushkill, PA allows to work out a great stamina. The training wasn't very high in the mountains but during the fight I felt great and I did not feel exhausted after the fight. This has a great influence on my body. Lenox Lewis discovered this place. Our next training we will plan in the same place in the Poconos mountains. Second, I did not allow myself to get hit by a strong blow which shows improvement in my defense. An important factor of the fight was to not be in the line of hits from him and avoid static positions. Third, my trainer evaluated my blows to determine which ones would be most effective. Kevin's good shield did not allow for heavy target blows to the head. Because of this I gave him many blows to the face. The after effect was clearly seen after the press conference.  Kevin's face was very swollen. I read many comments in the press and on the internet as to why there was a lack of a k.o.  I wrote about this many times and said that when I go into the ring I do not plan on killing someone. I value effective hits and not brutal fouls or knock outs. If a hit is to be a knock out it has to fulfill a few categories. I want to win by having more blows than my opponent because that is how you win by the rules. I do not hope that there is that one blow that will beat my opponent in every fight. Many fighters think that way and therefore end their fights quicker than they expected. At our fight at the Prudential Center there were thousands of Polish and American boxing fans. Andrej Fonfara and I are very greatful for all of that support. You could feel Poland from the beginning until the end of the gala. I will not be at the Prudential Center for a little while. It's a shame because for many people from Houston, Chicago, New York, Poland or even Canada that was a place for joyful gatherings. Today I would like to thank all the organizers, promoters, trainers and workers for organizing the gala. I would like to thank everyone for signing the guest book and for the congratulation letters in the mail and on the internet. From all of your letters I can read the emotions that everyone had while watching my fight. Please keep writing letters and taking photos because I am sure that all of those things will be used to document my boxing career. Many young people write to me as well as older people with a lot of life experience. I received an interesting letter from Mariusz Białobłocki from Rychtela. In his parish everyone knows who Robert Kubica is or Tomasz Adamek. How many little sport towns like that are there in Poland or beyond the borders? Those are real boxing fans and for them my chance to win the fight with Kliczko is not measured in percents. They are with me for the good and the bad. 





Kevin - a big question mark

Once again, I finished training camp to fight in the ring. This time I improved my skills in peace and quiet of a Pocono Mountains. Many times in interviews with the media pointed out that with every training camp I'll be back very happy. I say simply, that I still learn something new. This is undoubtedly thanks to trainers with whom I work. Over the last year followed a number of new exercises, which in previous years, a career I did not recognize. Today I can say that I changed my way of striking, because the more muscular shoulders and the shoulder belt allows me to do this. I ask not already signaled large, flails, which already has often failed to end. Shares and combos asked for must be effective without the opponent's block. In the heavyweight division, you need to learn energy management. You can not shoot in the early rounds, which in turn affects the rate of decline and often makes us an easy target. Inflicting blows have to think about defense, but also find time to relax. In this case, is useful for good footwork, which allows instantaneous I avoid the danger, but I can also provide a momentary rest. I am writing this because I know that the fight against the great Kevin McBride carries many risks. They could see this as such fighters Tyson or Goota. Kevin is famous for a blow with his right hand and a great resistance to blows. That it is free is a secondary issue, because to ask him to blow it and so I have to get closer to his great hands. Then maybe hit me, and probably will want to do it many times. I have to be quicker, ask series of blows that will be forced to defend it. Before we go on the attack, I must be out of reach of his arms. The plan for the fight, body balance, continuous movement in the ring and thought-attack. Tactics similar to that of Grant. It is important to the psyche to withstand blows and adopted without a shadow of doubt in the efficacy overwhelm him with their blows.



This is the link for the program of that night:  http://boxrec.com/schedule.php?country=US&division=&title=&tv=&SUBMIT=Go

Albert Sosnowski's last fight showed that he was very close to winning, but one blow and being tired crossed his chances for the belt. The consequence to this  was a heavy knock out, after which he has to quickly gather himself and return to the ring being richer with experience.  There was no fight, there was now show in another fight.- Krzysztof Wlodarczyk. Personally, as a professional I did not want to commentate on this. Many things point to some changes to his boxing style. The trainers need to quickly asses why the whole fight was done with his gloves glued to his face the whole time. His own answer will confirm this, because he completely fought hidden and his activity he will rate as 70%. Does this fight show that he cannot fight effectively for viewers? Time will tell and from my experience that it is never too late to learn boxing. After living in the USA for 3 years I have met many trainers and watched many big fighters train. In Houston Ronnie Shields and Roger Bloodworth showed me an all sided program which I have never seen before. Later in New Jersey I have encountered even more elements to my training which made me even better. We patched up my defense so well that now I receive unwanted hits. I improved my balance, my foot movement, my body positioning and standing sideways to my opponent. I had to train this daily. When I watch my fights from years ago I already notice improvement. Roger Bloodworth proved his intelligence as he said a year ago. He said I need to have a couple fights to appreciate the heavyweight division and I will be experienced to fight Kliczko. Roger did not tell me who to fight in order to get a taste of the heavyweight. Different fights against different opponents were great practice for me. Today a fighter as big as a bear does not frighten me.  Fans are waiting and get even more excited to see how the small guy does against the huge ones. The fight with Kevin will be interesting and will give me experience in the ring.

 There will be a press conference before the fight. Yesterday many Polish reporters flew in from different medias. The tickets for the fight are selling well and many Polish people from many countries joined in on the celebration.  Two days ago Wladyslaw Ligocki, a snowboarding trainer  claimed his tickets. His daughter Paulina Ligocka is constantly in events all around the world. The whole Ligocki clan lives in Cieszyno but now Wladyslaw Logicki had an opportunity to be in the USA and he can see me fight live. It is important to note that the fight will start in Poland on April 10th, early morning. On this day celebrations will begin closign off the mourning for the presidential flight with 96 people on board. I will do everything I can to acknowledge this event approprietley. 

I am receiving many letters wishing me luck before the fight. I am reading them and replying to some. I am also receiving interesting offers to work with other people. A few days ago I have received a portrait of me done in pencil by Ms. Wioletta Korbanska. The Dirty Ray company had tested a few shirts with that portrait on it. There will soon be a larger online store with more choices of clothing and accessories.


foto: Mike Gladysz


Boxing asylum in the Poconos

Time passes quickly, the banner on the website shows 26 days to the next battle with Kevin Mc Bride. Bushikill workouts, a charming corner of Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania, is a kind of asylum. Away from the hustle and bustle of big cities I have been training every day. Elements of strength training and sparings.  I also practiced combinations of punches, ran through forest trails and swam. There are elements of strength training. Trainer Roger Bloodworth has discussed with me the most important tactical elements that I need to accomplish in the ring. 

In discussing these elements we used the video recording of  my fight with Michael Grant. It is known that Kevin and Grant are similar in style : Kevin is  heavier. More difficult to hit such a giant effectively both in the head and in the painful body site. Moves must be  precise  for the desired effect. Important will be the first round of conditioning and preparation. Kevin says that he has arguments with gloves and use them. As for the gloves, then I have to share a certain curiosity. The company released a new generation of Everlast gloves ring under the trade name,, Protect 3. For several days I tested these gloves to eventually return to the previous version, Protect 2,,. The new one felt like a tight shoes. The coach helped  me find the right size gloves, the size of my fist, and now I can go into battle, even tomorrow. Grant said that I was not able to effectively use my power punch and he lost the fight. Yesterday I watched his interview after the last fight during which he wept like a child. Do not come to terms psychologically with the failure of that lost, little,  Adamek. This is the price we are paying fighters after losing battles in the ring. Otherwise it is like fighting overcome their weaknesses and win an important battle. 




An example may well be, small, Paweł Wolak, which I saw in the fight with Foreman. What might Paweł in the ring, this massive, relentless and devastating attack from the first fight to the last second, he must arouse respect. What do you call a style of boxing Paul? What's in it plays an important role - to defend or attack? Is this the style of Paul will be effective on its next opponent each? On the other hand, the simple task to opponents of Paul and their coaches. Paul did not change style after struggling just to fight the fight. However, it seems that the fight faster. A great victory Paweł Wolak over Foremanem opens the new opportunities for promotion of sports and financial. Another fighter, who is to succeed Piotr Wilczewski, who broke in Helsinki Asikainen's  plans. I talked by phone with Piotr before and after the fight, and I know he is very happy with the belt, which he won. With our package only Wojtek Bartnik announced that he ends his career. Sad is his statement, because Wojtek is the soul of the company and a great friend. I was hoping that we can still fight on one boxing event some day. Now his love of boxing will provide young students in Oleśnica. Polish professional boxing in the world starts to mean more and it made me so happy. For next fights is waiting many Poles, highly quoted in the rankings. It makes me very happy and proud. 


Training in the Pocons

The first week of training in the Poconos is already behind me. Our training base in the Fernwood hotel http://www.fernwoodhotel.com/bushkill_falls.php allowed us to have multi faceted training.  A full size ring, a swimming pool a gym and a sauna all allowed a comfortable setting for training. It was in a beautiful mountanous area slightly covered with snow. I try to run 10 kilometers in the hills everyday with special Zigtech Reebok shoes. We are staying with trainer Roger with a two room suite with a kitchen. We cook delicious meals of fish and vegetable and we also go to various restaurants when we do not feel like cooking. Yesterday we were with friends who visited us in the Poconos and we got sushi.  It was the trainers birthday. Roger Bloodworth does not like to celebrate birthdays but our surprise birthday cake and warm wishes took him by a pleasant surprise. The internet is our only window into the world.  Today a conference was planned in Newark, which we will be attending. There will be questions about plans and preparation for the fights with McBride and Kliczko. Becasue of this there will be not training today but since I have been working so hard these past few days I have been allowed a visit with my family for the weekend. Next week I begin weight training with Tyler Woodman which will be even harder. But I will not be pulling my trainer on a sleigh as Kliczko would in the Alps. I saw a photo on BoxingNews where a smiling Fritz Sdunek was sitting on a sled and had Kliczko as his horse to pull it. I will be burning calories in the pool and the gym where I have excersises made up by Tyler. I have a feeling that I will lose weight and I will look like a thin Mariusz Wach. I did not go to his fight because that would be a big trip and he promised that he will only fight his opponent for 6-9 minutes. He won his fight and at the same time he made his first steps with his trainer in USA. There is a lot of hard work ahead of him before he starts to climb to the top of the rankings but if he trains hard he may surprise many critics. 


Life full of surprises

Negotiations, negotiations and after negtiations. Almost everything is clear and the contracts for both fights are signed. The time of the fight in Newark with  Mc Bride might still come across some changes. The promotors are doing everything they can to find another free time in the Prudential Center. I triain by myself three times a week and am waiting for the finalized decisions.  Roger Bloodworth shuld be coming back February 20th. Right after his arrival we are going to the Poconos mountains in Pennsylvania. There are great conditions for training. On Monday I am dropping my mom off at the airport after being with us for a month. Next week I am fully dedicating myself to training. In the media there is a lot of speculation who with who and why for so cheap are fighting in HW. Publicized rankings are another topic in forums. I am at peace after signing the contract with Kliczko. Many trainers and promoters talk about the worth of my contract and say that a fight with Wladimir will not happen. Also they say that the Kliczko brothers will not fight me because earlier they will lose their spring fights.  I am afraid that this might be true and Kliczko's opponents - Solis i Chisora, are talking like winners do. They weaken my motivation before the ever so important to me spring 2011. I hope that one of the fighters will spare me one of the Kliczko brothers. In another case the contract will be a great souvenir of something that is very important to me.  

Seriously speaking I don't think the brothers will let themslves get hurt in the upcoming fights. Today the voting for the athlete of the decade opens up on ONET. I am very sad that Robert Kubica is lying in am Italian hospital after an accident.  I met Robert while annpuncing the best ten athletes in Przeglad Sportowy plebiscite in 2008. He was first, for his fourth place in MS F1 he got Superchampion.  After us meeting came my nextdream, I wanted to ride in a Boldy F1.  I was hoping that this wish would come true one day. He was fighting with great speed on the big track of Formula one. I with my quick hits was winning in the small ring. He went to Italy a long time ago to realize his racing dreams. I went to USA to fight the best bozers and gain titles and belts.  Robert has many more fans of his talent. I am included in that group. Today when I have to choose the athlete ofthe decade I will be paired up with Robert Kubica and I know I will bw voting for him. link:  http://sport.onet.pl/imprezy/asy-dekady/sport.html

He deserves it and I encourage everyone to vote for Robert because he brought car racing closer to the people of Poland and has been doing extremely well in it. Along with Robert we strongly believe in God and we do not hide it.  It is not by coincidence that Robert drives with the sign JP II on his helmet.  I believe that Robert will soon overcome his wounds from his accident and will soon return to racing. I wish him health and a quick recovery. Robert, get through this, this is only another test of your character.


Negotiation Parallel Slalom

First of all I would like to thank all boxing fans for more than 165 thousand votes for me in Przegląd Sportowy and  TVP plebiscite. Fifth place in the plebiscite is a big distinguishment for me. I will put up the trophy I received for auction and all the profits will go to charity.  


 fot. Przemysław Madejski


And now its time for information about the negotiations. In winter sports there is plenty of competition and the athletes are on a winding road towards the finish line. I have a feeling that the negotiations about my two fights in Katowice and Wroclaw are also coming to a finish. I can’t give out details but both fights are going to happen. There are negotiations about an opening party before the Kliczko fight in the stadium which was built for EURO 2012. I am convinced that all the large regulations and preparations for the fight have been negotiated through. In the upcoming days the process of signing the contracts should begin.  After obtaining the signatures the promoting aspect of the fight will begin. I believe that nothing should happen that will delay the work of the lawyers and promoters. Already they deserve a congratulations for a job well done. Shortly after the signatures a press conference should be expected where certain details about the fight will be revealed.

At the same time my promoters were having negotiations with Samuel Peter’s promoters regarding the IBF federation. The negotiations did not end in a positive way. This week they should finalize talk about our fight.   A lot points to me not fighting Peters nor Hasim Rahman on Arpil 16th in Katowice, which can be seen in the media. I will do everything so that before the August fight with Wladimir Kliczko I will have a fight in April with a popular and taller than me opponent.  I am in the process of choosing an opponent but a lack of knowing what to bargain with doesn’t allow me to set plans. I have to show up for polish fans but a gala is more difficult for us to organize in Poland.  Roger Bloodworth is waiting for a signal to come to Newark to begin another training camp.  He told me that sitting at home in front of the computer and writing about Wladimir and Witlija Kliczko is tiring him out.   He prefers photos with me in gym and wants to quickly begin training for both fights. We are beginning on the first day of February planned photos.   I am happy because even though I trained 2-3 days a week I am ready to fully begin to train.


 fot. Mike Gladysz


I received many questions about purchasing tickets for both galas and hat tv stations will be covering the fights. All this should be settled soon enough.  Therefore we are waiting for the facts because it is better to discuss about facts than information that has not been checked.


Dreams are worth having

photo: Mike Gladysz 

A week ago in my New Year blog I said that I hope to win the world title until the end of 2011. Today everything points to an agreement being signed for a fight with Władimir Kliczko. The ring will be at the new Stadium in Wrocław. Our location has many practical aspects. Our fight will promote the new stadium and the city before the planned soccer EURO 2012 matches. On October 2nd 1998 Andrew Gołota faught Tim Witherspoonem, and there hasn't been an event like that there since.  My opponent, Władimir Kliczko has thousands of fans in Germany. He is counting on many fans coming from Germany and Ukraine. I on the other hand hope that 40 thousand people will cheer me on through my fight for the world title in the third weight category. Getting this title is my next goal in my boxing career, a goal which according to some is very difficult to accomplish. Dreams are good to have and it is also good to know that you can make them come true. To this day I have accomplished my goals and have shown that I accomplish what I set out to do.  Dreams are not enough for Władimir Kliczko, I have to bring the highest level of boxing to the ring. I know that I have to be in great condition, I have to be agile and give hits of different caliber. I have to have the right mind set. A lot always depends on physical preparation but also well prepared tactic. What we prepare with the trainers must translate into the ring.  This will show on the boxing day. I carry winning in my heart for months now. Believeing that I will do what other boxers have not done yet is not enough, my physical fitness is a guarantee. To be the best in three weight categories after beating Kliczko is not an easy task. I cannot procrastinate any longer but things have been said that I am fighting with old and weak boxers. Today boxing fans may ask about Kliczko. Despite this I must go out and take my chances.  They said the same things when I was going against Arreola and Grant and yet I won. It doesn't bother me that the fighters that fought Kliczko before me finished poorly. In my opinion they lost the fight in the locker room, before the fight.  Kliczko's blows are very powerful but is there no remedy for them ? How to avoid many of them? How to not let yourself be hit by the iron fists ? What can be my defense against his left straight and his strong right hit? These are never ending questions for which I must create answers for in the ring. Andrzej Kostyra, said this is a fight of the century. I will give everything from myself in the ring and in practices because I am ready for the fight of my life. Because if not Adamek then who will take Kliczko's belts? 



photo: Mike Gladysz 

Before the big fight with Kliczko a fight is waiting for me in Katowice April 16th. From the beginning negotiations with Team K2 with Peter have given difficulties. Peter's manager was not agreeing to our propositions and clearly was not interested to bring the negotiations to a happy ending. With the week ending comes the ending of negotiations and its time for another IBF action in this case. Who i will fight in Katowice, no one knows. I hope that this week new names will come up. My opponent shouldn't be much stronger, since I cannot compromise myself because I have the fight of my life with Kliczko coming up. From another side the fight must be exciting for fans who will come for our and other fight to Katowice. All in all 2011 began pretty well for me. THE RING gave two rankings in which I was placed high.  This makes me happy because it is another reassurance of my position in the heavyweight division. Unfortunatley I will not be able to attend the Przegląd Sportowy event in Warsaw. That week I have to be in the US because of IBS lawyers and promoters for the ending negotiations about an opponent in Katowice. This makes me so sad but at the end of the negotiations my promoter and I will fly to Poland and organize a special press conference. I want to thank everyone for supporting me. I will see everyone soon in Poland. 


New Year's wishes

Today on the last day of the year its time to sum things up. We are in Lake Placid on vacation for two days with Ziggy Rozalski and our families. Here we will welcome the New Year together. Before this I must thank many people who helped me accomplish what I did in 2010. This was a very difficult yet very accomplished year for me. I got a taste of the Heavyweight division. I had four fight with different opponents.I mostly appreciate the win against the strong Arreola and against the huge Grant. - says in his blog Tomasz Adamek (43-1, 28 KO).

 - After these fights I can admit that I gained much needed experience in the new weight division. This was all possible thanks to great cooperation from  Andrzej Gmitruk, Ronnie Shields and Roger Bloodworth. I also received great support from the weight trainers.  I would not have these fights if it wasn't for my promoters Kathy Duva and Ziggy Rozalski. Won fights allowed me to appear in high federation rankings.  All this brings me step by step closer to  the world champion title in IBF.



We are going through negotiations and regardless of the media speculations I believe that we will arrive at satisfactory results. One thing is for sure is that year 2010 will be remembered as an important one in my career. Besides my four wins in the ring there were other accomplishments.  In August I was in Chicago where I received the Muhammad Ali Award.  Another achievement was receiving an honorary  belt and title of the best boxer in 2010 as well as having my name in the hall of fame in New Jersey.  I was also in the Pułaski Parade in New York.  In Poland I was also recognized and nominated in Przeglad Sportowy and TVP. Which place I will take I don't know but I hope that the voices of my fans will allow me to make it to the top ten best athletes. I will do everything possible to quickly end negotiations about the opponent for 16 April in Katowice so that I can be in Poland for the  Masters of Sports Ball on January 8th. In finishing I would like to thank everyone who gave themselves towards my sport success in 2010. I would like to thank my promoters, trainers and people who gave me advice, without these people my carrier in USA would not have evolved. Thanks to the media who were at every fight and their broadcast and description of the fights were always at the highest level. Special thanks go out to Marta and Mike, who made sure that the media got the most important facts fast. Thanks to all my sponsors who support my goal of becoming the world champion in the Heavyweight Division. A separate thanks is also owed to all of my fans who came to all of my fights, signed in the guest book online and sent letters. Many fans received responses from me but many also did not due to a lack of time. With fans all over the world I got a chance to read their comments on different portals. I will not speculate anything based off of these comments and my wins do not give a reason for such things. I wish all the boxing fans much satisfaction an the upcoming year from watching Polish fighters fight out of Poland. The upcoming year has great events coming in the ring. I'm hoping that towards the end of 2011 I will be fighting for the world title. To all of my friends and family in Poland and all over the world have great time and great New Year!!!!


Merry Christmas!

photo: Mike Gladysz


Fighting Maddalone - according to plan

Yesterday in the Prudential Center I had my fifth fight in the heavyweight division. Before the fight we had a moment of silence at my request for my first trainer, Stanislaw Orlicki, who passed away on December 4th.  I remember my first steps in amateur boxing and my first boxing lessons with Stansilaw Orlicki and Stefan Gawron. Its thanks to them that I quit soccer and picked up boxing.


photo: Mike Gladysz 

I said in many interviews that training with Roger Bloodworth does me well and proof was shown in my tactic in the ring last night. While working with me for a year, Roger focused on my weaknesses. Step by step he patiently applied to me new excercises like a teacher would to a student. Our teammwork from the beginning has since translated into a friendship. This also connected me with my last trainer, Andrzej Gmitruk. Almost for 10 years Gmitruk taught me ways of boxing and led me to first successes. Sam Colona also had a part in it, who led me to my first world title.  Along the road there were many trainers who had their influence on me. My road from Stanislaw Orlicki to Roger Bloodworth is long and full of life lessons. 


 photo: Mike Gladysz

All those lessons I used yesterday in the ring. I did what I said I would when I fought Maddalone. I disabled him from using his tactic. A reporter told me after the fight that Maddalone was not weak or unprepared I was just excellent. Maybe there is something in that because in interviews I was saying that I was feeling stronger and faster. I executed Roger's schooling and tactical plan perfectly. Even Maddalone's words after the fight in the conference are proof of my improvement.  Roger Bloodworth wants to eliminate all of my weaknesses and I want that as well and you can see the effects of this in my fighting. The win with Maddalone is not a reason to be overly excited. During this fight I had to prove to my trainers that all of our hard work brings results. My win with Maddalone should set in stone my boxing style with different fighters. Now comes the time to decide what comes next. I want to say once again to withold from further predictions. the situation in the heavyweight division is hard to forsee. Some fights get called off days, even hours before the actual fight. This way planning of any future fights becomes very difficult. This will be a lot of work for promotors behind closed doors, not in the public eye. Things will be released here and there, to gain an upper hand in negotiations. These media assumptions can't be the base of my feelings such as: he's scared to fight Kliczko, he's running away from Kliczko, he's fighting him because he wants money... and things of that nature. Conversations about future fights will last a long time. Our line of attack on how to a contender in two boxing federations is known. I believe that as I do in the ring, my promotors will also do everything they can to get me to the world title. If I can do it or not, is left to the trainers and me. We are sure that slowly and schematically the Kliczko brothers effective boxing is ending. David Haye is a whole other issue, who will avoid me like the devil avoids holy water. Despite this I will keep trying to organize a fight with Haye. Now it is time for rest and to prepare for a fight in April in 2011. I would really like to fight someone from Poland in the top 20 rankings. polish fans should be able to watch the gathering of two Polish boxers. Everything as always depends on the television and sponsors. Maybe we'll be able to organize everything. But today I would like to thank all boxing fans who gave us wishes and congratulations. Thanks to everyone who came to the Prudential Center and thanks to those who faithfully cheered in Poland. I am happy that the result of the fight satisfied everyone. 


photo: Mike Gladysz


The end of sparring's sessions

Today I ended my sparring and my sparring partners were - Tor Hamer and Israel Garcia.  I have my own opinion about these fights and more appropriate would be Roger Bloodworth’s views on them.  In publicized interviews Roger pointed out what we were able to achieve in these trainings. I happy that it seems like he comes towards what we do with no emotion but every time we do something together  I notice positive emotions. With a smile on his face, with humor and grace the sixty-six year old trainer taught me many things. I definitely improved my balance, avoiding hits, my leg work and differentiating the tempos of a flight. We trained some elements to the point when I just did them out of habit. This is an important skill because Roger  thinks that during a fight in the ring there is no time manually steer with hands.  I plan out the fight first in my head and I go to the ring knowing my established fighting plan.  A small correction or a hint from my trainer is all that I can count on.  So far my fights with Roger in the corner allowed me to observe his calmness and self control. Te older man with a belly does not show to everyone by his stature his behavior during our trainings.  Roger often watches my weight training and he will start to stretch or join in to some of the exercises that I am doing. In the beginning of the week he invited me to the weights  and told me train only a little to test my organism’s reaction on the lifting the weights.  I expected him to stand by me and tell me what to do.  Roger lied down on the bench grabbed the 100kg weights and effortlessly lifted it 3 times.  He impressed me, sixty-six years old, grey hair and his chest is like a forty year old. Now I know why training with him is such a pleasure.


photo: Mike Gladysz 

Therefore I  have a lot of respect for a trainer that can ask for a lot but also show a lot.Because I underestimated my trainer’s age twice I must live up to my age. Unfortunately on December first I turned 34 so my dear fans Adamek is getting older in front of you. I did not have much time to celebrate that day. Training in the morning later taking care of legal errands and on top of that a phone call from  Katy Duva from Main Events inviting me to the office. So I went right after my training in my sweats and when I got there, there was a cake on the table and all the workers were present.  During my visit at Main Events we talked about the Maddalone fight in Newark . We agreed to meet after  the fight to set up plans for 2011. Many details came up that cannot be revealed to the media. To this day the media is occupied with the likes of Roy Jones Junior who doesn’t necessarily have a connection with reality.  A lot of misunderstanding came up, especially in Poland as to who will be my opponents, who are being looked at. I happy about the fact that among many predictions there are those that show intelligence about professional boxing. I know that m promoters goal is to take me to the world championship in 2011. With who, with what boxing federation, during what time and under what terms and where in the world all depends on last decisions.  One thing is for sure that the Kliczko brothers and David Haye have the same plans for 2011. The already have their first fights contracted, fighters are for the pretended title - Solis vs Austin.  This means that we will have to have ranking fights to be in all of the federations as a contestant. Knowing life, this can only happen in two boxing federations and this should be enough. We need to also remember that besides the world title and Tomasz Adamek there are other candidates in he heavyweight division with the same goal as mine. For example Jean Marc Mormeck, Eddie Chambers, or Derric Rossy,  who are quickly moving towards the world title.  Old ring veterans are also coming back with new strengths and since they are winning their fights they shut all the commentators mouths. When it comes to me I quietly hope that in 2011 the promoters will organize a ranking fight in Poland. For now known facts : Monday December  6 at 1 pm there will be a press conference and on Wednesday December 8th at 2 pm in Newark, the weighing ceremony. On Monday many reporters and fans from Poland are flying into New Wark. Until Thursday there will be time for conversation and Christmas Shopping.

I would like to thank all of my fans that signed the guest book or sent emails.  There were entries from Poland, USA, Irealnd, Canada,Australia,  Germany, France and many other countries. I would also like to thanks my fans who voted for me in Przegląd Sportowy and TVP for the best Polish athlete.  For those who would like to choose their tenth of athletes:

 http://www.mistrzowiesportu.pl/voting/register.asp oraz http://www.mistrzowiesportu.pl/Nominowani,lista,1001,1.html


Summing up the year and plans for the future

Today in U.S.A. Thanksgiving was being celebrated. We will sit at the table and as the tradition calls for, recall what we are thankful for achieving in U.S.A. this year.This tradition dates back to the 17th century and data on this topic can be found at http://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dzie%C5%84_Dzi%C4%99kczynienia#Dzie.C5.84_Dzi.C4.99kczynienia_w_

We invited my trainer, Roger Bloodworth for dinner that night. His presence will allow us to exchange opinions and to set priorities and plans for the future.I know that I still have a fight left with Vinny Maddalone but I think that we have done everything possible to win the fight effectively. This will be the fourth ranking fight which will allow me to secure my position to fight for the belt in 2011.We want to reassure all of our fans though that we want to fight for the belt no later than fall 2011. With whom  I will be fighting is still an open issue. No one else has any more details on this. I expect though that negotiations about this will last for several months. Understanding and signing contracts is dependent on promoters, television and lawyers.After a year in the heavyweight division I am able to do much more than I was in the fall last year. When I decided to switch weight  categories. My stay in USA allowed me to realize my first goal, how to become a heavyweight fighter and sustain that. Aftert he fights with Arreola, Estrada and Grant I was high in the heavyweight rankings. In June of that year I was invited to Chicago,where I received the Muhammad Ali award. Close to September 11th I received recognition in

New Jersey which stated I was the best fighter of 2010 and my name was placed in the NewJersey Hall of Fame.


 photo: Mike Gladysz


Today I saw on the internet I read that in Poland there are 76 sport prospects and TVP for 10 best Polish athletes. I was on the list for the top 25 Athletes. I am very flattered and since it is thanksgiving I would like to thank the organizators for acknowledging my ability throughout my fights. I'am even more flattered because I am fighting far from Poland but I have fans on all sides of the big pond. More training awaits me and on December9th I will use my training against Maddalone. The promoters told me that everything is going well and that the tickets are selling. There will be a great goodbye to the season in the Prudential Center. Despite cold I had during training I feel strong. On the last days of training the trainer agreed to the fans requests and filmed our practice. I received many suggestions and comments. I do not take everything I read on the internet into consideration. Although I know that I am supported by my fans on the road for the belt. In 2011 I will do everything I can to bring the belt to Poland just as I did with the IBF and THE RING belts. Fighting for the belt demands attention, preparation and signing a contract with an actual champion. This is all very difficult but possible. I know that with the help of Rafał Rausz from Gdansk's GRAFIX print I have 2011 calendars for fans. He is only to show the luckydaysin2011. I strongly believe that 2011 will allow us to achieve our set goals. Until that happens I must fight in rank fights. With who, when, for how much are often asked by reporters and fans. I will fight with those who will make an interesting fight in USA or any other part of the world. We will plan new fights after the New Year. 



New title, new belt which are reasons for happiness

 Last Thursday I took part in the New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame ceremony during which titles were given to twelve people. After receiving the invitation I thought to myself that this was another get together with the boxing circle from the New Jersey area.  It wasn’t until I arrives in The Venetian that I found out that I was on the award list. In the special bulletin that was made for this event I found my biography and photos. And on this day, which in Poland is being celebrated as independence day, far away from my home country, I was receiving the title of the best boxer in 2010 in New Jersey.  In the room there were over 800 guests and among them were:  Gary Show famous promoter and producer of boxer appearances. I also met Virgil Hill, who lost to Darek  Michalczewski in w June 1997 in a fight for three belts; WBA, IBF, WBO.  Among the gathered guests there were many well known people in boxing, sports or the media. The meeting went by in a pleasant atmosphere which will surely add to my popularity in the New Jersey conglomerate.  On the way home, I received a beautiful keepsake belt which holds as much meaning to me as do the other belts that I have won in the ring. At home, it will lay next to the belt which I received in June which was funded by Muhammad Ali.


 photo: Mike Gladysz

A week went by which was spent on intense training. Tor Hamer, my sparring partner was fighting very well.  Unfortunately my second partner did not come because of his manager.  He did not want rematch for the lost fight. On Monday another boxer from Pennsylvania is coming. . I have three weeks of training left. Piotr  Wilczewski i Mariusz Wach watched my practices again. They had a chance to watch new to them elements of boxing training.   I feel good and once I agreed to a massage by Krzyszfof Wilczykowski from Global Boxing. I hope that further preparations for the Madallone fight will continue without any problems. Today a celebration awaits all boxing fans because  David Haye and  Manny  Pacquiao will have their fights today. I wish everyone happy watching as they witness the strength in both of these fighters. I also would like to thank everyone for the wishes as well as writing on my page.


photo: Mike Gladysz


What squeaks in the grass

I train five times a week and during the weekend I try to stay far away from the gym.  We spent this past weekend with our families in Atlantic City where we were invited to a local boxing gala. Through the whole week I am sparring with Toru Hamer, who hits hard and is fast in the ring. I needed that. Hamer forces me to maximum concentration with immense effort. My trainer tells me what combinations of hits I should practice as well as paying attention to my figure during the fight.  Bent legs, lessening my body’s surface area, are both supposed to make hitting me more difficult. Tyler Woodman does my strength training and I must say that he constantly surprises my with new excersises.  On  Monday I am beginning to train with two sparring partners.  I keep a constant weight between 98-100kg. Running and swimming complete my daily training.

 Tonight my friends and I were invited to a hockey match between the New Jersey Devils from New York and the New York Rangers, which will be played in the Prudential Center in Newark.  The next day, There will be a boxing gala where Zab Judah will fight Lucas Matthysse. Mariusz Wach was also supposed to attend this gala but his opponent did not arrive for the weigh in ceremony. There is still a hot search for a new opponent. I hope everything goes well because he really wanted to fight in USA.


photo: Mike Gladysz

 I found a lot of information about me in the Polish media. Many articles about when, for how much and who I will fight in 2011. I have a contracted fight  on December 9th with Maddalone and that’s all that matters now. All assumptions from the WBC convention did not clear up anything. My promoters are in contact with the Kliczko brother’s representation. There are no details and there won’t be any any time soon, because they live fights as do I and they have contracted fights that they planned this year.  I wrote earlier that after December there may be more facts regarding this.  David Haye will fight Harrison soon and then more uknown will be revealed.  The fact that my name is often mentioned in the USA gives me a guarantee that in the late second half of 2011 there will be talk about my fight for the belt.  The Marcha Gala in New York being planned by HBO is still in the beginning phaze of its process and much time will go by before there will be any details.  I spoke with my trainer Roger Bloodowrth on many occassions about the Kliczko brothers, his comments and remarks are very interesting.  From my understanding  this is the first phaze of his work that is tied into coming up with a successful tactic against fighting brothers.  He constantly tells me that we still have  many elements of training to work on so that I can develop habits in the ring. The upcoming fight with Maddalone will allow the trainers to evaluate my actions in a new environment in the ring.  I cannot write about this simply because it is our sweet secret.

There soon will be a new fight for 2011.




Meetings with polish people

Last weekend was rich in events.  On Saturday my friends and I went to Philadelphia for a soccer match. Piotr Nowak had invited us. Piotr is a trainer for the Philadelhpia Union and the co- owner of the club is Nick Sakiewicz, he is of Polish descent.  Piotr Nowak’s team beat the New York red Bulls, who’s home field is located close to my home.  I cheered for Piotr’s team, who afterwards showed me around the stadium.  He promised that he will come to my fight against Vinny Maddalone on December 9th in Newark.


photo: Mike Gladysz 

 Also, I me with the newest sport immigration from Poland, Mariusz Wach and Piotr Wilczewski.  One day, I showed them how hard I train and how many different exercises there are.  The future world class  trainer Piotr Wilczewski, was very glad he got to stand by and watch, how my trainer Roger Bloodworth and I train. He will surely add some of the exercises to his training plan when he returns to Poland.  Right now I am not worried about fights with Mariusz Wach, because my soonest fight is with the short Maddalone.  Our meeting with Mariusz and Piotr are meant to exchange wisdom at the table, not in the ring.  I  am helping them find themselves in life, far away from Poland.  Mariusz must train very hard in order to gain strength which was lost during his time of because of his arm injury.  He started fighting and is fighting with famous boxers.  I also went to a tournament in Linden New Jersey where ametour diamonds shine.  I commentated for a local boxing television and I met with local boxing fans.  There was also an incident- Mayor of the Town surprised me with readiness for my fight with Adamek, but I shook my finger and he settled down.  

photo: Mike Gladysz 

  During my training in the beginning of the week, Bobby Gunn  came in wearing a black Adamek Boxing Team shirt.  He told me that he heard that I am training for for a fight with Maddelone and that I would need a sparring partner who fights similarly. This way, Bobby will fight Adamek for a couple of days.   He is around me and cheers for me at every occasion.  Our fight began a thread of friendship between us.  He, street killer who fought over  100 street fights bare fisted, is looking for his place in between the ropes of the ring. He promised me a rematch for a lost fight.  Oh these sparring should be interesting.   He boasts that he has yet to be put down on the floorboards by anyone and you can see love for the ring in his eyes.  


photo: Mike Gladysz 

We talked about the Briggs-Kliczko fight, most of them are not note worthy.   We have to understand that the opponents to the Kliczko brothers started losing the fight in the locker room. Only important predictions in the press conference were only the media predicting something that could not happen.  The Kliczko brothers give out cards in the heavy weight division but only because no one has been able to defeat them.  My steady uprising into the heavyweight division is giving me sport success and the very necessary experience.  I know my body, my weak and strong points.  Now its time to build a strategy with my trainer which will lead me to gain the title. It is not important who I am fighting but how I am to fight. Together with Roger Bloodowrth I must work on a effective tactic for the fight for the belt.  Excellent cooperation with my trainers gave me wins with Estrada, Arreola  and Grant.  American boxing saw my spectacular growth in the heavyweight division.  The Media showed their opinions and the federations ordered higher places among rankings.  In the December issue of the THE RING, the magazine will present my achievements on some of its pages.  I feel that everything is going in the right direction. In the next week I will increase the weight of my training because strength training is coming up.   Trainer Tyler Woodman said that he has worked on another individual training cycle for me. That is it for now, time for a small nap after training.  


No time for being bored

I realized that life in USA goes by way faster than in Poland. Here, life is rich in events. A few days ago Marcin Daniec visited with a new program. We saw him with our families and got a chance to talk about boxing. He surprised me with his knowledge of boxing and said that he dilligently follows my fights. I now know that besides Jerzy Kryszak, Marcin Daniec is the second comic who is a fan of mine.

I am happy with the fact that to this day they have not said anything about me on stage and that I have not given them a reason to make jokes about me. 

 photo: Mike Gladysz

The next event which we spent with Ziggy Rozalski and our friends and wives, was a banquet in the Marriott in New York before the Paluski Parade. A couple hundred people including a few Polish activists and organizators of the parade. The parade was on Sunday, October 3rd. I proudly marched through New York. It was a beautiful celebration with the participation of thousands of people and on lookers on the parade route. For the first time Mariusz Wach and Przemek Majewski took part in the parade. 

photo: Mike Gladysz

In the evening trainer Roger Bloodworth flew into Jersey City and we had plenty of time in the hotel to plan out my training. On Monday October 4th we began the intense training.  The trainer surprised me yet again. During the whole week for training he used little gloves instead of the big ones. He told me to aim with much speed into small targets, which caused me some trouble at first. But to my surprised, after a few rounds he told me that I am learning fast. 

I then received praise for successful excercises which hit the targets. Trainer heavily ties in trainig of muscles in the arms and chest with the help of BURRN MACHINE. I used the machine for a whole week and had to take longer breaks. This excercises demands strong arms but it also strengthenes the hands. 

On Wednesday Piotr Wilczewski flew in to USA and joined Mariusz Wach. I invited them to my home for dinner and after dinner I showed them some excrecises on the machine. They also agreed that the machine demands strong arms. I'm curious as to how Piotrek Wilczewski with Ralf Mendez are preparing Mariusz Wach at Zaba Judaha's Gala. Mariusz Wach is training right next to me and this way my competition in the heavy weigth division grows for the Kliczko brother's belt. There is much in the media about the heavy weight division. 

Comments are appearing about the planned fights in the heavyweight division until the end of the yeear. Many known boxers are talking about their return to the ring. My fight with Maddalone just got it's official poster. I am doing what I have to, learning under Roger Bloodworth. I will appreciate the characteristics that will be my car in the future. I have to use something to even out the differencs in height, weight and the power of a punch according to the Kliczko Brothers. I remember my fight with Grant and I remember what worked in the ring and what did not.  Roger Blodworth knows which elements we must work on in which time. He will decide when I am ready to fight for the belt and it doesn not worry me that now more often my name shows up in the media as a contender for the belt. I joke with reporters that if the money agrees then I can start fighting in the beginning of 2011. Fight for the world title and the belt needs a necessary environment that brings about such fight.  

A decision like that depends on long negotiations between promotors and lawyers. I will never agree to a fight that is decided upon on last minute which means little money. This is seen today when there are "voluntary title defense" . In this situation the tactics are easy, you need to be a pretender in a few federations and wait for the obligatory defense from the champion. Then the standards of the fight are much better and not only financial. We know how to do that and we have our own tactics. 

Adamek's Media attempts toward other fighters can be planned by PR.  Its worth tracing how they negotiate to fight David Haye or the Kliczko Brothers. The media often omits my goal of obtaining the world champion title in the third weight category.  I never said though in what time I will obtain that title.  The more impatient ones would send me to the ring to fight the Kliczko brothers forgetting that I first need to gain the necessary experience. Many boxing experts and one of the Kliczko brothers admits that I am developing and this leads me to believe that my goal is getting closer. Training, hard work on my tactic, training knowledge and good health are all a guarantee. 


Time for Maddalone

An entry in the guest log inspired me to write another blog. I just got back from a three day stay in the mountanious Lake Placid which is known for the 1980 winter Olympics. Thanks to Ziggy Rozalski we went there with a group of friends where I played golf, swam in a pool and ran. The fresh mountain air reminded me of my home, Gilowice which close to Żywiecki lake. The events here were pleasant because I go to rest but there was also time to talk about boxing among other things.  Leaving there I knew that the decision regarding the Maddalone fight was made. It will be on December 9th, 2010 at the Prudential Center in Newark  with 33 won fights (KO 24) and 6 lost fights (KO 3).

 photo: Mike Gladysz

There were big problems finding a free slot and there were tries  by an organization in Atlantic City.  My ties with the Prudential Center and it’s faithful fans caused our decision to organize the fight on Thursday. In Poland, because of the time difference, it will be on the morning of Friday, December 10th, 2010. Thanks to five of my fights in a short time at the Prudential Center, it is the main arena for me and my friends. Before Madison Square Garden was known for hosting boxing, today it so less often.  For now the media is predicting multiple Polish fights but those decisions are up to the promoters and they are the ones that make plans for a gala. The time for details on this matter will come. My training for Maddalone and the actual fight is another part of my adjusting to the heavy weight division.  I read many negative comments about the opponent choice but this is a result of knowing my plans towards gaining the World Champion belt. I tried to explain my choice. Arguments that this is only my fifth fight in this weight category are not reaching a part of my fans. They would like to see me  fight the Kliczko Brothers or David Haye right away. Also keep in mind that my chances of winning are slim. Another group fans who follows my actions and the trainer’s opinions know that I must be adequetly prepared for this fight. Confronting the best I must be prepared for a battle with very strong boxers.  After the Kliczko- Peters fight it could be clearly seen that even good tactic was only effective for a mere two rounds. How the boxing experts estimated it. Kliczko fought very schematically but he was effective. He fought carefully but effectively, from minute to minute he was weakening his opponent. He did not feel threatened for a moment. I received many letters and I read many comments about my last fight with Grant. Many fans compared the results of the two fights with me against Grant and Peters. I am happy that in these comparisons I came out better than Peters. It turned out that my tactic when it is done properly for twelve rounds gives me a chance to get half way. The amount of effective hits that I had given scared Peters. I gave many effective hits and avoided many dangerous ones except for one in the sixth round. What comes out of this comparison, some think not much. Until I will stand in front of one of the masters in the ring and don’t prove myself there will be the normal fussing. This is why I did not agree to the fight with Kliczko,, being on the beginning of the road to the heavy weight division, just after the first won fight with Andrzej Golota.  Roger Bloodworth and I have a plan to come to great physical and mental form as well as great technical schooling, which will allow me to make a decision on the time of the fight. A year ago we were just weighing my chances against mediocre fighters in the heavy weight division. Small Adamek was conquering barriers and persuading skeptics.  Slowly on the rankings for HW my name showed up higher and higher. Trainer to Kliczko’s opinion from that time period Emanual Stuart was known by everyone, Adamek you don’t have a chance with Banks, Estrada, Adamek you don’t have a chance with Aerrola or Grant Stewart changed his opinion and publically admitted that the Kliczko brothers don’t have any worthy opponents except for Adamek and Haye.  I had to prove everyone wrong with my fights in the ring. This proves that I train with great trainers, who who can prepare me for a style of a fight, for every next opponent. I don’t have to admith the fact that with heavy weight I must prepare my body to bear a heavier load while still retaining quickness.  Whoever remembers me from fighting in 2005-2007 can see how I have grown  in the heavyweight division and what has changed in my style of fighting. Everything was worked on through many different trainings.
Two weeks ago I received an unexpected package. I the boxes, which were delivered from Canada, I received the famous Burnn Machine and another tool to strengthen my arms. Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cf2ZKJ4pjMo  . All this was thanks to a Polish constructor of this machine who saw a video of my training, how Roger Bloodworth and Tyler Woodman’s strength trainer.
Link for the article on the BURN MACHINE: http://www.tomaszdamek.com.pl/pl/content/multi/75/
All in all, more work awaits me to strengthen my shoulder muscles, which should add power to my hit. Throughout the training, which will begin on October 4th, we will work on elements of defense, which proved to be my secret weapon in the recent fights. This can be seen very well on videos made with great passion by Nick 12125andrew, Links:
My opponents had a difficult time throwing effective hits thanks to my avoidance with my body balance. These elements must be perfected because you can’t go fight the Kliczko brothers to exchange hits.  There has to be an effective tactic, perfect it, apply it throughout the whole fight, Speed and the ability to give fast punches.  I practiced many of these elements on Grant but many fans think that this is still not enough for Kliczko. I know that I must correct many elements but I also know that I am always learning and that time is on my side. I also remember that there are two brothers and two Kliczko brothers against one Adamek is an unfair disadvantage.

I am happy that within the last couple days Tomasz Adamek wrote to me!!! Tomasz Adamek born in 1970, left Poland 22 years ago. Tomasz wrote to me- Me and my father- Krzysztof Adamek a former drum player from Hagaw and Adrzej Rosiewicz band are your biggest fans. Emmigrated to USA and today found one Adamek for two Kliczko brothers. Unfortunately when I suggested going in the ring he told me that as a musician that he can play on the drum in the ring. And now I have two Kliczko brothers against me.  They are showing faith in their strength and I am finding strength in my faith.  For now I will practice with my trainer and spar with my partners, to show effective boxing against Maddalone.

Next Stop, Poland

I spent 9 days with my family in Poland. My calendar was filled up with meetings to this point, that I had only couple of hours to sleep. There was no time for acclimatization. Most of the meetings were with the family, but I spent a lot of time meeting with journalists and boxing fans. I’ve met with fans of mine named Lucas Podgorski and his fiancé Natalia; they flew to Poland all the way from Ireland. I was invited for these kinds of meetings from a long time, but the planned fights did not allow me to come to Poland. I’m glad that I completed the rich program of the meetings, but it was really hard. The end of my visit in Poland did not belong to the nicest ones. On Saturday, when I and my family were driving to the airport in Cracow, I stopped to wait for the car in front of me to turn left because he was in the center on the road. Suddenly, we heard a shrill squeal of tires, and then a hit in the back of our rented Volvo S80. I quickly got out of the car and went to see what happened. The accident caused a young man, and his car Opel had his front completely wrecked. In our Volvo appeared vertical fracture of the bumper. It is unbelievable how Volvo’s bumper took whole strength of a hit, and didn’t even push in. All this had happened shortly before our departure. The ones that lived nearby, came up to me and reacted normally after they saw that nothing bad had happened, and the ones that recognized me, pleased for an autograph. I was so glad that nothing had happened, and that we could be on the airport on time. We arrived home on Saturday at 7 o’clock in evening (American time). In both Poland and the USA, they asked me questions about the fight in December, but there were a lot of questions about a fight with Klitshko. I heard many opinions from the boxing fans on this topic, and I followed the media reports on an ongoing process.

 photo: AdamekTeam

While recording a program called Majewski Show, they gave me the gloves with sickles. When they were giving them to me, there were wishes to fix my left and right hook punch in the Klitshko fight. The friendly atmosphere that was happening in this studio I will remember for a long time.


  photo: AdamekTeam

As to the fight for a Championship belt, the situation is still developing. Every moment there are posts of this topic, but really it’s too early for specifics. But in my opinion, there will be conversations with Klitshkos at the end of the October. The Klitshko brothers will fight soon in the ring, and then after these fights, our promoters will start negotiations with lawyers. I, until this, will have something to do. I will go on the ring for my last fight in this year. There will be no time to get bored.


Travel after Poland

The few days that I had in Poland I mainly spent with my family.  On Wednesday I went to Warsaw where I practically gave the whole day to the press.  In Champions Restaurant which is not only famous for being located close to the ring, I answered multiple questions from the press. There were also other nice accents.  Editor in chief of Gentleman Magazine, Mariusz Pujszo gave me with the Gentleman award 2010 which I had been awarded in June.  I could not attend the gala in June to receive the award because I was training for my fight with Grant.

 photo: AdamekTeam 

Another pleasant addition to my trip was my meeting with a huge boxing fan who came to see me all the way from Ireland,  Łukasze Podgórski. He left on a coach bus on Sunday so that he and his fiancé, Natalia could arrive in Warsaw on Wednesday at the latest.  . Łukasz knows boxing very well and he watched all of my fights. He says that his whole family sets an alarm so that they do not miss my fight. His dream of meeting me, receiving an autograph on a pair of gloves and having a conversation with me came true.  I have to admit that he had to wait for a meeting like this quite long. People like that make me happy, it is because of boxing fans like him that make it worth getting into the ring and winning fights. Łukasz is greatly oriented in Polish worldwide boxing. It does not bother him that he lives and works in Ireland. 

 photo: AdamekTeam 

Today on Thursday, September 2nd I took part in the recording of the Szymon Majewski Show.  The effects from the recording can be seen on Monday, September 6th at 9:30pm on TVN.  There will be much laughter and humor.  I did not know that Adamek was known in such a far country as Mongolia. To my big surprise I was asked to be interviewed by Ułan Bator on tv. I will participate in this sensational material with side by side photography with this head on reporter of television… Right after recording I went straight to Gilowice for my wife and then to Bielska Biała.


 photo: AdamekTeam 

In the evening there will be a celebration for my wife Dorota’s birthday. I hope that tomorrow will allow me a visit to the dentist because on Saturday my family and I are leaving from Krakow to Newark.  We will say goodbye to Poland for a little longer because we are already planning for my next fight in December. Before that we have tied emotion to the fight over Rafal Jackiewicz’s belt and other contracted fights with Polish boxers. I wish them successful fights. I, of course am interested in the contracted fights with the Kliczko brothers.  I will say that fights like these sometimes abide by their own rules.  We will wait until all this plans out and after that there will be more specific details about my plans to fight for the belt.


after the fight

fot. Mike Gladysz

The fight with Michael Grant went down in history. Statisticians were writing about the fight details and the media were presenting various opinions about the fight. The standpoints were different from negative to positive. Boxing fans stated that they welcomed my last win but at the same time were unsettled. There were no knockouts in the fight and that inferred that I was not ready for the Kliczko brothers.  That is how it is though, your appetite grows with how much you can take.  I barely finished by fourth fight in the heavy weight division and the fan’s expectations are already exceeding mine and my trainer’s plans for the future. I am just starting to gain experience in the new to me heavy weight division and, I am a small heavy weight so I must find the secret to beating bigger than me heavy weights. I am only at the beginning of the road to the title but my trainer and I have a plan for excellence. My trainer told me that I have a special trait which allows me to adapt to every opponent. Every time an actor prepares, I do  the same with my trainer with a script we have written together.

fot. Mike Gladysz

We also prepared a plan for Grant I realized what my trainer expected of me. In the process of a tough fight I allowed myself to be hit only a few times. I noticed that many bloggers on the internet changed their hard opinions. It was the result of re- watching the fight and receiving the fight with no emotion, unlike what happens when it is watched live I am happy that those people that were not fully satisfied with my fight said that I Won fair and square Without emotion they concluded that the matter of the Kliczko or Haye fight is next year and that a lot can happen between now and then. I never said that after a successful fight with Grant it is time for Kliczko. Trainer Roger Bloodworth said that I have to have more fights in order to gain more experience. Unfortunately I will admit with regret that many boxing fans suggest that I change trainers in this situation, while I won the fight thanks to his direction and guidance in the ring.

fot. Mike Gladysz

Trainer Roger Bloodworth is an influence on me because of the work that he has put in me to fix my weak defense. In heavyweight the most risky aspect of the fight is receiving blows to a block. This element of my defense I had to replace with other attributes, a different position and keeping my balance. During the preparation for the Arreola fight, trainer Ronnie Shields received instruction for preparation from the head trainer Roger Bloodworth. Ronnie handled it very well, which could be seen during his fight with Arreola. Before the fight with Grant we had to slightly modify or rather enrich defense by other elements.  There were obstacles with Grants arm reach, weight and his strength. Michael is an old veteran to the ring, he gained helpful insight for his stature. Besides him being an amazing athlete I admire him for his skill and his straight forward goal in the fight. He was looking for me in the ring, hunting for one hit and I, as I promised, quickly adjusted my position so that he would not find me. It’s strange that he grazed my face but his strong hits which I received a few of did not hurt me at all. This time cutman Danny Milano had a little work when usually I pay him to do nothing.


fot. Mike Gladysz

Whats next? Calmly looking at the future. I don’t have to prove anything to anyone.I have a set goal for the future which is getting the belt of the champion of the world in the third weight category and that is what I am sticking to. I do not know when and where it will happen.  My friends and I have to talk over how my career should keep going. Now I deserve rest. Though knowing my nature, I know that I should have a lighter fight toward the end of the year so that I do not freeze up. And so I will say to the media to stop its search for the next strong and dangerous opponent for Adamek.

Now I dream of a lighter fight, where I do not put everything on it. A fight like that would allow me to shoe off my fighting style. Let’s not talk about American or European fighting styles, but styles that are effective which could be a mix of both but must guarantee my ongoing improvement in boxing.   Everything around me is going in the right direction. Finally after 2 years I can thank my promoters . Kathy Duva and Ziggy Rozalski for excellent representation of my interests as well as professionally organizing my fights. These two years that I spent in USA gave me very much during a hard time  which is tied in with changing my weight category, changing my place of residence as well as getting a new trainer. I will see you in Poland, where I will be shortly.  Once again I thank you for doping and writing on my page.   Best wishes from me and my family. I also want to thank my daughter Roksana, who took it upon herself during these two years in USA to translate my blogs  into English, isn’t that another reason to be happy?


fot. Mike Gladysz


Huge War with Michael Grant…

fot. Mike Gladysz

I have defeated Michael Grant. He had prepared very well, he well represented fouls with his elbow and showed destruction of my attacks. I have some claims to the judge, which let Grant hold my head down; this really disturbed me when I was trying to shorten up a distance and give some series of punches in corpus to him. When I was near him, he put his long hands on my head and was pushing it down to the floor. Grant also showed when he was in danger, he liked to use clinch attack on me. I felt his elbow on my head a lot during the fight, and the bursts and bleeding on my face were interfering my concentration. I also felt his punches from the right hand, whom he kept hitting me, he especially got me with those in the sixth round. Strong, and concentrated Michael Grant did everything to knock me down. He couldn’t do it, and I didn’t really show much my boxing. But it’s usual for an opponent, knowing my style, to minimalize my good side at boxing. But I won and this counts. I need to calmly watch this fight on the television, to fix the mistakes that I have made, and watch out for them in the future. This was a fight with very strong, tall, and conditionally well prepared fighter. Today, I know what I can expect in fights with tall fighters. Grant’s physic condition, his strength, and the way he fought with me had a big importance at the final result. A lot of boxing fans will have deficiency that I did not knock Grant down, but we have to remember that he was disappointed, because he didn’t knock me down; he said he will. In one word, I win another fight with a powerful and big boxer. I’m not falling into euphoria, but the result went into the world. The fight wasn’t boring at all, and it had some dramatic moments. Boxing should be like that, when the rank of a fight is high. Now, it’s the time of a conclusion from the fight and rest. Later on, we’ll think about the fighting. I want to thank my fans for doping during the fight, and in front of a TV. Thousands more people were watching it. Thank you all.       

fot. Mike Gladysz


Weighting Ceremony

photo: Mike Gladysz

The Press Conference and the weighting are the announcements for upcoming fights. After Wednesday’s Press Conference, the Medias presented my and Michael’s chances of winning. They were quoting comments of the experts that know boxing very well. A lot of boxing experts said that there are a lot of chances of my win over Michael Grant. After the press conference, I have my own assessment of Grant. He’s really tall, but the skinny legs may not be sufficient for a good prop of his upright body. I will not say other observations now, but I know that I can make it in the ring. There is a big difference in our weight, actually bigger than I thought. My little 215.6 lb is the result of long and hard workouts and the hot weather in NJ. What does this mean for me, every boxing expert knows. The speed from my side and his is our mass difference and the given hard punches. My tactic for the fight is easy- to avoid to get hit, and to give as many punches given in series. This probably won’t be a fight similar to Arreola’s or Estrada’s, but there must be some found elements of it. I will lower my position in the ring in order to let his blows blow over, or next to my head. The most important things are that I’m calm, rested, and healthy. I turned off my cell phone to stay quiet before the fight. And now, a few facts- I traditionally chose hard enough Everlast gloves, and my opponent Grant…Grants. I like to fight in Everlast gloves, because regardless of other advantages, it protects my hands very well. As I read about Arreola’s hand injury, I know that he fought in other gloves than Everlast. In my corner traditionally will appear: my trainer Roger Bloodworth, cutman Danny Milano, and Ziggy Rozalski. As I enter the ring, fans gathered in the hall will hear and hopefully they will sing “Pamietaj” by Funky Polak. The commentator of the pay-per-view fight on the TV will be Janusz Pindera, which has been in USA for a couple of days already. In the internet shop you can buy the poster announcing the fight. Thank you time. Thank you those who wished me a win over Grant on my site. A lot of the comments on my website are polish, and polish immigrants from Ireland, England, Germany, Norway, and fans from the USA. It is worth going out to the ring, knowing that my audience is much greater than it is gathered in Prudential Center. I promise that it will be worth to wake up at 4.30 am on the 22nd – In Poland…and at 10:45 pm in USA. Tomorrow is the last quiet day, and then in the evening, the fight with Michael Grant. I wish you all a lot of experience and emotions during the fight.

photo: Mike Gladysz


Press Conference Adamek vs. Grant

photo: Mike Gladysz

I stood eye to eye with huge Michael Grant. Have you not been waiting for it a long time? Oh, there will be a lot happening in the ring on Saturday. He’s a big man with very long hands. But in the ring you have to have so much more- a heart to fight, quickness, strength in a punch, fast legs, resistance of the punches, and super strong mental. Which one of us has more of those characteristics, we’ll find out during the fight. Today, we peacefully looked into each other’s eyes. About the win on the 21st will decide the duration of the fight, and of course, the judges. I have a concept of conducting this fight, I’m well prepared and the fight with Grant is my next challenge. I and Grant have the same taste; we have the same watches…. For the end, I invite you all to the fight on Saturday, if you also want to see David and Goliath fight, the tickets are still available.


The Program for this week

The Program for this week before the fight Tomasza Adamek vs. Michael Grant.

Press conference: Wednesday 18.08.2010 , 1.00  p.m.

Final Press Conference 
Global Boxing Gym - Hudson Bread - Breadman Cafe 
5601 - 5711 Tonnelle Ave. 
North Bergen, NJ 
(201) 348-3149 


Weigh In Ceremonie: Friday 20.08.2010 01.45 p.m. in Verizon Tower in Newark

Friday, August 20, 1:45PM, 3:00pm on scale 

Weigh In - 1:45PM (Report time)/3:00PM (on scales)
Prudential Center, Location -  Verizon Tower (Lafayette and Mulberry St, Newark, NJ) 



First fight at  7.00 p.m.

The main fight Tomasz Adamek vs. Michael Grant is planned :

10.30 – 10.45 p.m. Saturday / USA Time / , it means 4.30 - 4.45 a.m. Sunday / polish time/


Time to Relax


Today, I finished my trainings which were preparing me for the fight on August 21 with Michael Grant. I was preparing 11 weeks for the fight. I worked really hard and I got a form which will help me defeat the opponent, no matter what he and his trainer say in publicity. I must say, my training schedule arranged by my trainers, Roger Bloodworth and Tyler Woodman, was different from the previous ones. Strength exercises included a lot of elements which were building my strength; enhance endurance, improving the structure of certain parts of muscles. There were exercises on the Burn Machine, the huge hammer and a huge tire; there were steps and stepping on high floors, swimming and running. All of these exercises are struggles with weakness of your character and your body, a lot of pouring sweat. Everything’s under one single goal, to win this fight and start thinking about some serious fights to get the championship belt. Malik Scott, my sparring partner, after the last sparring today, told me that he doesn’t know how I am getting all this strength. His comment concerned the 6 punches in a row that I gave him. After the training he wished me a spectacular win over Michael Grant.

Yesterday, I gave out the interviews to the New York Times and to The Ring magazine for about three and half hour. It was as hard for me as training. THE RING magazine wants to publish an article of me after a fight with Grant. There were questions about my first contact with amateur boxing, professional boxing, and about my first coaches. There was a lot of laugher when I was telling funny stories about the beginning of my carrier. With great curiosity, I’m waiting for the final shape of these interviews.

Good information comes from my promoters about the sale of the tickets; they have received the form that says they have to open new sectors for his fans. Lucky for me, the Hall Prudential Center in Newark, specializes in organizing major boxing galas < http://www.prucenter.com/default.asp?id=87&objid=744 > those who want to buy a ticket must hurry so as not meet their profession. For other fans will get a chance to purchase the official poster on the internet shop http://www.adamekteam.dirtyray.pl . Considering the requests of the fans, we will increase the range of gadgets. All of this is easier now since we have that website. I’m glad that the number of visits on the website is increasing. In the guestbook, there are a lot of fans requesting a photo with an autograph. I am not able to send pictures from USA to Poland a thousand times a month. Fans that want a picture with an autograph have to meet with me.

Now, some information about the gala in Newark.  I got informed that I’m going to go on the ring between 10:30 – 10:45 pm in USA. In Poland, it’s going to be between 4:30 and 4:45 am on August 22. The details about the fight will give POLSAT, which traditionally will transmit the fight from the gala Newark. I will go on the ring in the song “Pamietaj” by Funky Polak. I can hear this song sung by my dear fans from New York and surrounding places; Chicago, Houston, or Florida. There will be a lot of people from Poland too. I wish you all see a good fight and will enjoy that timeJ

This is a link of the fights that are going to be on that evening:



Milion's visitor

The interest growth in me also verifies the amount of visits on the website. Recently, I announced the millionth user that visited my website. The person is the young Krzysztof Ceglarek from Sycewo, Poland. He is a boxing fan which regularly watches the fights and he’s giving me doping on every one of them. I’m glad that he was the millionth visitor on my website. As an Adamek fan, he sent the picture of him in Adamek shirt. From me as a prize, he gets the company polo T-shirt, a hat, and also the autographed photo. Congrats Krzysztof and thank you for an interest on my fights.

Nine weeks of training behind me. Among many exercises I had recently, memorized completely new exercises for power. Tyler Woodman, trainer for strength preparation, showed me curious but extremely hard exercise. The purpose of this exercise was to straighten the force in a punch, and to strengthen legs. Under the prescription of an Olympic Champ, George Kulej, can significantly enhance a simple exercise using a hammer and an oak. My coach modified it and gave me a huge hammer instead of a regular size hammer, and instead of a root, he gave me a huge tire. I was hitting this tire with all of my strength, barely holding the handle in my hands. The other exercises were to build leg muscles, which the strongmen were doing. I pulled and pushed various iron types, the sweat was going through my eyes. Everything made sense and has had a positive impact on my sculpture of my arms and legs. My strength exercises are running and swimming. Regardless of running, my coach told me to go electric stairs. And so, I’m getting on hundreds of stories every day. All this leaves my weight at 100 102 kilograms.

Photo: Mike Gladysz

Photo: Mike Gladysz

Last Thursday, the new sparring partner came to NJ, the Malik Scott. On Friday I had sparing with two of the boxers. Scott fought 4 rounds with me, and represented himself very well. He has a very quick left and moves around the ring pretty fast. Fighting with him is interesting, and allows practicing a certain combinations of punches. The trainer Roger Bloodworth constantly repeats and makes sure that I was not attainable for him in the ring. Change in the body position, lowering the position, and constant moving is just to ensure safety. After every training, me and Roger talk about details and we’re setting up new tasks. No matter what, from all the training and stuff, I also have English lessons ever day. In the role of an English teacher, Roger does a great job. Soon, there’ll be two years since I moved to USA. During this time, I learned a lot. Now, the only thing I think about is a fight with Michael Grant coming up in Prudential Center in Newark. U.S. Medias write and talk a lot about the gala. There are billboards set on American turnpikes informing about the fight.

Photo: Mike Gladysz

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